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Greetings to the Passengers of SpaceShipEarth

An artist's rendering of what our spaceships look like side by side at about a hundred miles separation. These two are the SuperShip SunBeam -- SS Sunbeam -- and (in the back at the top) its identical twin, the SS MindSpace --  inordinately fuzzy with superlatives...

The little "spots" all along the skinny section and throughout the superstructure in various colors are hollow, spinning toroids (a honeycomb of bubbled donuts big as SuperCities) inside of which (on the inside outer edge) our people live -- hundreds of billions of us -- in controlled gravity enviornments.

The two (actually, 4) red and blue disk-shaped objects are orbiting eyeballs (mirror assemblies) that enable SuperVision to the bridge of our spaceship (the black blob on top of the alligator-like snout). We don't fly blistering fast through space... blind.

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We could contain thousands of AirCraftCarriers in the  nose-like sensor-bubble at the point of our  SpaceShip's SuperSnout...   

That straight line coming out of the SuperBridge is the Z-Beam -- a depiction of  the scanner beam that studies the entire electromagnetic spectrum and can communicate in any frequency or language anywhere.

One of our young ones got a little creative with a black marker and blacked-out the thrusters and the section of our spaceship where we capture and consume comets and asteroids for fuel and supplies. We make everything out of this ubiquitous space rubble even our underwear and toddler's crayons...


We did not come here to take your world. We are good in our world and we have everything we need for blissfully happy existence.

The late professor Stephen Hawking, your planet's most famous theoretical physicist, has said that the Human Race has only 100 years to live (the way it's going...) Perhaps you  should go in a different direction... It's not that hard to do... What you need is


We caught up to your planet cruising along at a leisurely, 20 miles a second in orbit around your star (93 million miles away) and, after careful observation, decided (We don't normally interfere with evolving civilizations) to send you these words through the MindSpaceMedium Z-Beamed from the bridge of the
    SS SunBeam
It's not that bad, actually. More than 90% of your planet is not at war. You have impressive computer technology, footprints on the moon, burgeoning robotics, satellites all over the solar system, a getting better communications system SuperLinked to the Internet, and an improving education method working towards SuperSchool technology... What you need now to unplug the bottleneck to the SuperWorld is what we call
MindSnap is easy! You don't dig it out of the ground or manufacture it in a factory. It happens in your head.  You
to MindSnap. When you decide to MindSnap you agree to:
(1) Try to expand your mind to a higher MindState -- the SuperMindSate that envelops the planet melted-together into global MindSpace enabling the awesome power of global single-mindedness. With this power you collectively become
(2) Cooperate with all the passengers of SpaceShipEarth on the Parallel Projects (the project to build DragonFly Asteroid Miners in orbit,  and the SuperStructure on SpaceShipEarth to save the world from the aftermath of the coming  Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption).
(3) Watch the numbers in the
GlassBox for the Parallel Projects. World bank account. This information will eventually be published daily by all media sourced at the Royal Bank of Canada that all other world banks will be linked to. From this GlassBox the Parallel Projects is financed. 
(4) Put two quantums  (..)  every GoUnit (which is about a week) into the GlassBox to support the  
Parallel Projects
Global Cheers
Alias, Alien

Two quantums is equal to the price of  2 cups of coffee. Almost nothing... Like photons, your power is in your numbers (millions and hundreds of millions and billions and more billions...). Benefit yourselves from this power of numbers mathematics law: more numbers, more power. 
potential energy. 
Fuse it into the GlassBox if you want to get faster to the prize! Think of the GlassBox as a global, free-will, CollectiveMind-driven (SuperMind-driven), financial SuperTool (a MindEntity of the collective SuperMind) creating SuperStuff  for the benefit of all out of almost nothing (free-will quantums).  Economically it means the beginning of a new history and millions of jobs all around SpaceShipEarth via the GlassBox. What goes into the GlassBox goes back out as pay cheques -- non stop millions of them. The quantums just go round and round and round like forever-cycling oil molecules in the EconomicEngine of SpaceShipEarth...
And it will be so useful to have the SuperTrain in place when the Yellowstone SuperVolcano
(it's 40 thousand years past its 600 thousand year average eruption time span...) to blacken Earth's skies causing a volcanic winter that will last for decades. (Freezing cold! No food! Ask your geologists who read the rocks!) It has erupted many times in the last 17 million years... It's a bad puppy! Too bad if you are not ready when it snarles...  Continuing to ignore the coming Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption event is suicide for HumanKind.
            THINK BIGGER
                   OR YOU
                       The Universe is unmercifull  to a slow-thinking civilization that stubbornly refuse to collectively expand their minds and
in mind
(via the greater grapevine which includes the internet and MindSpace)
to become the
that you are going to have to become to save yourselves from the global aftermath of the coming Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption which is inevitable. You live on death row...
yourselves into a fantastic, MindExpanded,  SpaceAge, SuperFuture, still alive, smiling, and still prospering after the Super-Geologic, Billion-Bomb, Yellowstone SuperVolcano, MegaHorror (which will happen) is finally over... and the sun shines again...
MindSnap to build the United Global SuperTrain which, of course, in addition to being weather-proof and crash-proof, will be volcano-proof and SuperFused together with mind-generated SuperSubstance -- what we call SuperRespect where we come from...
                                                                               in the
                                               Quantum Fuzz..
You are all made from the same bitty gobs of fuzzy, sub-atomic particle/waves (protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, gluons and sneakons) multi-zillions of identical copies of them) -- the source of the great stuff (the SuperStuff) that makes greater stuff  happen (HumanBeings and SuperTrains, for example.) It's just a big kit, a SuperKit, a standardized, Robotically-built SuperKit done fantasic in less than a hundred years...
you don't think this is all real
then think of it as simple MindMedicine -- an alien's injection of MindSnap  energy into borderless MindSpace all-surrounding... to build a fantastic, space-age 
United Global SuperTrain
for All the Passengers
Puppy Snarls...

Support the SuperProject (the global, on-going PowerForce  to eliminate poverty) on SpaceShipEarth which is everywhere to one degree or another. It is the source-cause of almost all of your problems which can all be fixed... Help each other! Help each other!! Help each other!!! Without getting into the feedback physics of it..., your civilization will become many times more powerful... More power, more SuperStuff:  

          SuperCities on the moon

                 SuperCities on Mars




       SuperRobotics (mobility machines)

                          the SuperHub

                          the SuperMed

                        the SuperSchool



          Construction Projects in Orbit

           The United Global Space Force


                     the CometShield

                   (the ultimate poverty

                        Super Mitigater)

Want to understand how to fix the economic world on SpaceShipEarth? Go to YouTube doc: Why our economic world must change.


SuperBoosters  (YouTube video) Planets where the people are so large-minded that they recycle everything and are many times more  wealthy because of it...
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