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Calling all SuperHumans on SpaceShipEarth. A killer comet is coming. You better get a CometForce pretty, pretty   

            A Solution to Fix the Ukraine Problem

                          Vladimir Putin joins the CometForce.

This immediately stops the bloodshed in Ukraine on all sides because, when he joins the CometForce, then Ukraine's..., and his entire military personal will also join the CometForce together with all the rest of the people around the planet (watching it all on global TV) who want to cooperate together to build the CometShield to save HumanKind from the total-destruction aftermath of the soon-coming

Killer Comet...

More from astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Get this message to him very very soon... The killer comet is getting closer every day.  He will immediately understand that there is no time to waste on SpaceShipEarth when a giant space rock with a tail is coming to blast all of HumanKind into


Join the CometForce, a borderless MindForce with the mission to build the CometShield to Save HumanKind from the next-coming killer comet...

HINT: there is nothing stopping HumanKind from uniting in mind planet-wide via the internet and joining the CometForce... You don't need anybody's permission. This also would fix the Ukrainian problem because the Russian soldiers and the Ukrainian people would find themselves on the same side. They are all MindMembers of the CometForce and their common enemy is the comet that is coming to kill them all if they don't MindSnap up to SuperHuman status with collective, SuperHuman powers..., powerful enough to build fleets of

DragonFlys in orbit. 
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