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The SuperVoid is a barrel-shaped "three-dimentional" section of cyberspace one mile wide and ten miles deep. It is the area that is "encapsulated" by the SuperHub. (If you want to know more about the SuperHub see SuperFix.)

This area is like the commons of the planet's cyberspace which  includes the "minds" of SuperHumans and the fifty-foot wide, segmented SuperCore running axel-like down the center of the ten mile deep SuperHub. 

The SuperVoid is owned by all the people of SpaceShipEarth and is therefore, free... Anyone can enter the SuperVoid at any time  and establish a "Q-Box" to float around fish-like in the SuperVoid 24/7/365. Inside the Q-Box is your website link and whatever else you want to put in it. It is linked to your addressed personel SuperLink … which is located on the inside of the one mile wide SuperHub barrel ( if you want it to be).

What do you do with your Q-Box? You communicate with others in the SuperVoid and you can swim over to the SuperCore where the Mega Projects are and watch all the videos and keep updated on the progress being made concerning the different MegaProjects for the SuperWorld... 

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