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99%     of the royalties from the sale of Dave's novels listed below in this website will be given to all the passengers of SpaceShipEarth via the SuperHub. The money goes to the Parallel Project's GlassBox ( a bank account now in the Royal Bank of Canada but eventually in all banks) to be spent equally on the three projects.

Just as a reminder, here is the complete list of the original 18 MegaProjects listed in the SuperCore of the SuperHub:

            SuperCore MegaProjects
Z-Box --  a counter for the SuperHub
2  SuperProject -- project to end poverty on SpaceShipEarth
3   SuperHub -- super website owned by planet's SuperHumans
4  D-Box -- global disaster relief
                  The Parallel Projects
                       which are the following 3
5   DragonFly Asteroid Miner (used also for pushing comets away...)
6   SuperCity  -- cone-shaped, mile-high, mile and a half wide
7   SuperTrain -- links the world when the Yellowstone erupts
8   Fusion Power -- coming soon
9   SuperMed -- link the planet and teach how to prevent problems
10  SuperSchool -- degrees through your computer
11  SuperHornet -- like an aircraft carrier with legs extruding SuperTrain
12  WalkBots -- robotic exoskeletons for the paralyzed 
13  SuperCham -- standardized recycling for the planet
14  United Global Space Force -- (The CometForce) with comet mission
15  CometShield -- the stuff needed to save HumanKind from comet strike
16  FireForce -- giant fleets of fire-fighter aircraft to fight forest fires
17  Terminator -- pandemic eliminator
18   SuperTalk -- in the SuperVoid of SuperHub is a section for SuperTalk
We want the contents of this account to be public knowledge. I (David Baird) started it off with a $1000.00 and gave it to all the passengers of SpaceShipEarth to be used to help finance the projects needed to save HumanKind from the Yellowstone SuperVolcano and bad news coming from space (comet or asteroid impacts). The little bit of jollyness (99% of royalties straight from Jeff Bezo's Amazon book sales department to the Glass Box for the Parallel Projects) flowing nonstop into the GlassBox from the worldwide sale of Dave's novels is not going to be the trillions that will be needed to run the Parallel Projects. But, when 2% of the thinking public on SpaceShipEarth  realize how powerful they are as a group (and that perfectly-working money just goes round and round) and commit to injecting 2 quantums every GoUnit into the GlassBox for the Parallel Projects then SuperCities, SuperTrains and DragonFlys begin to happen...
                Like Magic
One quantum of money is about the price of a cup of coffee. A GoUnit is about a week... A group of humans (SuperHumans) -- the 2% -- become millions of times more powerful collectively via the GlassBox for the Parallel Projects. The alternative is to do nothing and keep your quantums safely in your pockets... 


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