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Greetings SuperHumans. We have seen the potential that you are and it is far greater than you know...  we (friendly aliens) are here now... we want to help you quantum-leap into the super future and are happy to tell you that you have the potential to be a hundred thousand times more

than you presently are!  But You have to           switch on planet-wide, collective

to get the Super Goods (the SuperTrain, the SuperCity, the DragonFly, The SuperHub, the SuperSchool, the SuperRobotics, the gigaRocket and the SuperMed. Your economic world will have to change, but not by much. (its not that bad, actually. just needs a mindsnaping event which is relatively easy to do because you have already built the internet that  is evolving, as it should, to become like another country -- a borderless country -- that everybody is a member of...)
in your collective mind You marry together capitalism and Socialism with free-will GlassBoxism and (with much expanded mind state) concentrate on the MegaProjects in the SuperCore of the


        your SuperWorld begins 

From a distance (you can zoom in or out), The Superhub looks like a giant, empty oil barrel (no top or bottom, 1 mile wide, 10 miles deep) floating effortlessly in cyberspace. On the inside of the barrel are circular rows and rows of indentical "windows" (computer-like screens) where a "conscience" (a superhuman  linked-in from somewhere on Space-Ship-Earth) can look in, scroll around, focus in and out and "see" the billions of other addressed "windows " on the inside of the SuperHub. Everybody gets one.
Each "window" is called a SuperLink  -- a billion per mile-- which can link to all the other superlinks in the Superhub and is also linked to the megalinks of the  projects listed in the supercore.
the supercore is a segmented plexiglass-like vitual tube 50 feet wide that runs (axel-like) down through the center of the barrel-shaped superhub.
Each segment (a megaproject) is a different project unconnected to the segment above or the segment below. The whole thing -- the outside barrel where the superlinks are, and the supercore where the MegaLinks are (with the SuperVoid in between) is the SuperHub... anyone at any time can enter the 3D, (three-dimensional) "SuperVoid" (from the "outside world")and study its contents (one mile wide. ten miles deep: the SuperVoid.) Also links to your smart phone and everybody has one.
It will take a few super computers to run the superhub website which is collectively-owned by all the passengers of SpaceShipEarth.  every human on the planet gets a free superlink (whether you use it or not) labeling him or her as SuperHuman. Superhumans populate the SuperLinks all around the barrel of the Superhub. SuperHumans own superlinks individually, and the megalinks in the supercore collectively (for life). Dogs and cats don't get superlinks which are  the "window"-like things surrounding on the inside of the big barrel of the SuperHub. 
A populated superhub (with its soon-to-be mentioned, other attributes...) will have magic-like super power because it can concentrate the financial micro energy of large percentages of the superhumans on SpaceShipEarth to make great achievements (a global supertrain, for example). (two quantums every gounit (about a week) from 2% of the thinking public on space-ship-earth into the parallel projects is what it takes...) A quantum is about the price of a cup of coffee. In a relative instant the 2% become collectively, immensely 

Each Superlink comes with a quantum chamber (which is like a bank account That you can draw money into from the outside world or send money In or out of the  superhub or back to a bank in the "outside" world. Money in your quantum chambers are called "quantums" -- one quantum is the price of a cup of coffee...
what do you do with the quantums in your quantum Chamber? You "realize" (in your mind) that the SuperHub is like a giant  magnet. but instead of a magnetic field that goes in at the top, through the core and back around to the top, there is a "quantum field" that endlessly goes round and round (flows of quantums from the superlinks to the supercore and then back to the superlinks). The strength of the quantum field depends upon the circular flow of free-will quantums from the all-surrounding superlinks  to the mega projects listed in the Supercore of the superhub. A little bit of quantums coming from a lot of superlinks (say 2%) (..) is a lot of quantums. you can hire a lot of engineers And buy a lot of stuff to work on the three legs of the parallel projects. a little bit of quantums coming from a lot of superlinks is a lot of
                         Be a little silly not to use this SuperPower now that you know you have it.

             Supercore mega projects
The following is the list of mega projects in the Supercore of the superhub. Each mega project has a name. (z-Box, for example, is the name of the first mega project listed in the supercore of the superhub. It has a glassbox as all the megaprojects do. The name of the glassbox is the same as the name of the megaproject. a glassbox is like a bank account (called the quantum chamber) and the contents of the quantum chamber is public information for the megaprojects (but not for the superlinks on the inside of the barrel of the superhub that also have quantum chambers. ) the contents of the quantum chambers in the billions of superlinks is private just like an ordinary bank account. But mega projects listed in the supercore of the Superhub are owned collectively by all the people of Space-Ship-Earth and so all the accounting information is written to public books. The most important accounting information that people would want to know is how many quantums is presently in the quantum chamber and how much has been spent since the glass box was started. There could come a time in the near future when the parallel projects glassbox shows a quantum chamber with a million quantums in it and 69 trillion spent




               parallel projects
                                                     which are the following 3:







        united global space force
                                                                also called

                        comet Force






The z-box (at the top of the list of mega projects in the Supercore of the Superhub) is a counter that counts the total flow of quantums flowing through the superhub (that tells the strength of the quantum field) and displays it in the z-box for everybody on the planet to see. The quantums that flow directly from a SuperLink to another SuperLink are counted by the Z-Box so the total quantum field stength is knowable all the time. the greater the quantum field strength, the faster the circulation of quantums, the m0re powerful... HumanKind becomes. As time goes on, people will come to realize that money flowing (quantums flowing) is what you want. if all people spend money as fast as they get money than the money will never run out and nobody will be without money because it just keeps going round and round in the economic accounting engine of space-ship-earth (which is truly the SuperBank of the planet out of which the money can never leave (it's trapped) unless you stuff a bunch of it in a rocket and blast it into the sun (which would be a little silly...).
The quantum chamber for the Parallel Projects to build DragonFlys, SuperCities and SuperTrains is called the "GlassBox". It is your first GlassBox on


Registered as a bank account (with $1000.00) at the Royal Bank of Canada on the corner of Almon Street and Agricola Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (Eventually to be linked to all banks around the world.)
you can have as many (GlassBoxes) as you want listed in the supercore of the superhub each with its own name -- the GlassBox for the superschool project, for example.
the superproject (The second mega project listed in the SuperCore of the SuperHub) is called the SuperProject. It is the ongoing project to end poverty on Space-Ship-Earth. Poverty is everywhere to one degree or another.  to help mitigate poverty you help each other. Quantums flowing into the Superproject's quantum chamber flow back out (in part...) to red-lighted SuperLinks.
each superlink comes with three colored lights displayed on its address and info-bar --  red, yellow, green. the owner of the superlink switches on one of those lights for all the world to see. red means you need quantums, yellow means you don't need quantums but you won't refuse them, and green means you have enough quantums. go away and spend your quantums some place else.  

the superhub The third mega project listed in the supercore of the superhub is the superHub project. Free will quantums that end up in the superhub's quantum chamber go to support the existence of the superhub (a few super computers and staff with coders). The Superhub has no on/off switch and continues to exist as long as free-will quantums flow into its quantum chamber to pay its bills. Just to reiterate, the quantum chamber of a megaproject in the supercore of the superhub is also a glassbox because everybody can "see" inside it and inject quantums into it, link into its website and see where the  quantums in its quantum chamber are going (videos..., accounting department etc.). No need to keep track of where the quantums (what superlinks) they actually came from. Everything that is created via the SuperCore of the Superhub is owned by everybody on the planet. When it's free-will it is not communism, it's Superism. 

The D-Box is disaster relief. unfortunately, disasters happen (even on our planet...). Passing the cup around trying to get help for victims of disasters after the disaster has happened is a bit short-sighted. Best to get in the habit of sending a few quantums to the D-Box's quantum chamber every time you get a paycheque. 
The fusionpower project is an energy-acquisition  mega project. Fusion energy (make sure you watch this educational video.) powers the entire universe. Sunshine is fusion power. There is enough fusion fuel in the oceans of the world to last for hundreds of millions of years. Many other evolving civilizations throughout the universe have harnessed fusion reactions... You need to speed up its development before your oil runs out (and that is only a few decades away). Quantums in the quantum chamber of the fusion power mega project go to research the many ways to achieve fusion power one of which will be demonstrated at the international thermonuclear experimental reactor being built in the south of France (educational video:) 
The SuperMed First off you tell people how to (video:) eat properly (varieties of fruits and vegetables) and that will eliminate about 70% of the medical problems on the planet. Then you link every hospital and doctor's office and research lab into a data base to keep track of healthy body organs from recently deceased superhumans that will go to replace  unhealthy organs in living superhumans of Space-Ship-Earth. on average, you can live healthy for twice as long (200 years). Fleets of airplanes equipped with state of the art robotic surgery labs.
The superSchool The Superschool opens up the floodgates into a vast reservoir of mind energy. It is a large library of on-line courses you take at your own speed on any subject from a to z (text, video, 3D) leading up to diplomas, certificates and degrees.
the superhornet looks something like an aircraft carrier with eight, long, exquisitely-engineered, spider-like robotic legs. As the superhornet walks along over the countryside it extrudes (it's a walking factory supplied by non-stop supply helicopters) supertrain tubing and plexiglass-covered support structure. The pyramid-shaped structure contains the Supertubing for the supertrains and also contains the hydroponic gardens that will be needed to feed the population during the coming Yellowstone supervolcano, volcanic winter... too bad if you are not ready for the Yellowstone volcanic winter when it happens... and   it will happen!
the walkbot is a sophisticated engineering super wonder. it is a modular, robotic exoskeleton designed to enable the disabled to live a more normal, getting-around-freely existence. Quantums that  flow into this project initially  goes to the engineering and development, then it goes to the robotic mass-production of walkbots. What do you do with the walkbots when you get them built? You give them away by drawing names out of a hat. Eventually there will be millions of them around the planet and wheel chairs will be less needed.

the supercham mega project is a standardized method of recycling economic matter. abolish the word "garbage". there is no such thing as garbage. there is no garbage in nature and when you learn how to recycle everything you will be collectively much wealthier. Garbage is now called Supersubstance You own this  SuperStuff throw away a dozen dragonfly  spacecraft in the supersubstance pits (landfills) every year. No big deal, nothing to be ashamed of. you are evolving, right? You are getting better with more powerful knowledge. Remember, things have to change if you are going to beat the eruption date of the yellowstone supervolcano. Standardized  global supersubstance retrievel system for space-ship-earth...

the united global space force, also called The comet force  is a borderless mind force with the mission to build the CometShield to save HumanKind from the next-coming impactor from space. Its GlassBox supports a website (as do all the other  megaprojects in the supercore of the superhub) and will link all the components of the cometshield (telescopes, astronomical departments, etc...) Thousands of infrared satellites will be needed to map the entire asteroid belt. Once an asteroid or comet has been mapped  by a sentinel satellite its unique  trajectory is known. Simple matter for a supercomputer to determine if it will ever hit the earth in the next thousand years. If confirmations are ever found you send out robotic vehicles to push the would-be planet-smacker into a safer orbit. Millions of large space rocks have hit your planet in the last 3 billion years and many more will do devastating  damage in the future if you don't build the cometshield to prevent those collisions. The dinosaurs died out because they were too stunned to develop the rocket science that could have saved them.
The Gigarocket is Needed to push the parts for the DragonFly into orbit. the GigaRocket is not just a big rocket, it is the  sea-floating infrastructures where they are built, launched and retrieved. Too big to be affected by any ocean storm, most of the complex is under water. The GigaRocket is not a weapon. It is just a transport vehicle/system and, by decree, the GigaRocket is the property of the  global collective (all the people on Space-Ship-Earth) and is the reason the GigaRocket system will become inordinately huge as time goes on because when focused, all the people on the planet are inordinately powerful. One person can't build a big bridge, but millions of people can, and billions of people can build even bigger bridges. GigaRockets and DragonFlys are the bridge to the asteroid belt where there is a huge smorgasbord of materials waiting to be turned into infrastructure for an expanding, space-faring civilization... 

the Fireforce Design a jumbo jet sized aircraft that can scoop up ocean water or water from large lakes, fly long distances and be refueled in flight. Build thousands of them and use them to fight forest fires and conflagrations all over the planet.

the supercar is a system. You want a car (to get some groceries, go for a drive, or whatever), you call for one on your cell phone. It is brought to you from a nearby parking hub. use it for as long as you want. when you are done it goes back to a nearby parking hub. a lot fewer cars on the road making driving less congested and safer.



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