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Open letter


Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada


David Baird


Greetings, SuperHuman

     The Yellowstone SuperVolcano is going to erupt in the near, geological future... Up until now it has not been on your radar. You just need to know the truth, and the truth is (ask the geologists)  the Yellowstone SuperVolcano is going to erupt geologically-soon. Very, VERY bad news. Death row you live on. What now?

Participate in the

Parallel Projects

and build the


     The Parallel Projects, is three global projects running concurrently:

(1) HumanKind's project to build SuperCities (to save HumanKind from the Yellowstone SuperVolcano's decades-long volcanic winter),

(2) HumanKind's project to build a fantastic SuperTrain system (to connect all the lands and the SuperCities together so that all people can travel around in shirt-sleeve comfort even when the Yellowstone SuperVolcano is erupting), and

(3) HumanKind's project to build DragonFly Asteroid Miners in orbit to catch and shove away asteroids and comets that show up from time to time on a collision course with SpaceShipEarth. Be a little silly to spend time building SuperTrains and SuperCities without an insurance plan to make sure they are never smashed to pieces by a rogue comet or asteroid. (Remember the dinosaurs?) You already have the science. All you need is laser-like 
           "MindFocus"                                which you get via the
               for the

"MindSnapped", IT COSTS NOTHING! (well, very little) 2 dollars  every GoUnit (about a week) from 2% of the thinking people of the planet gets it done...


gets you your first GigaRocket. Focus now into its free-will GlassBox -- the super account at the Royal Bank of Canada -- the public account eventually connected to all banks on SpaceShipEarth for the creation of the GigaRocket.

     DragonFlys are huge and will require lots of parts. You need the GigaRocket to get the parts and construction robots into orbit. The GigaRocket is not just a big rocket. It is also the sea-floating complex where they are built, launched and retrieved. You will probably need about twenty of these floating GigaPods around the oceans of the world.

     Millions of jobs on a planet big-thinking enough to want factories to build the Parallel Projects to save itself from a collapse into global cannibalism following the eruption of the soon-coming... Yellowstone SuperVolcano with its long-lasting volcanic winter (No Food)

     The good news: The MindFocused "MindForce" is linking all over the internet which is already enveloped around SpaceShipEarth and nobody needs to get anybody's permission to join this
     (United Global Space Force)

    -- a borderless MindForce --

         with the mission to

       Build the CometShield    
to save HumanKind from the next-coming impactor from space...

     Your destiny is to become a space-faring civilization with a SuperPlan: the Parallel Projects (and  a side-order of GigaRocket). The sooner, the better. Your time left between "now" and Yellowstone-eruption time is getting
                every day
      The SuperWorld begins...

Boing Boing. Not to be pushy but we need to speed up the Boing Boing part...

Global Cheers
David Baird
Alias, Alien
First PseudoHead of the
United Global Space Force
which is also known as the


with the mission to build the CometShield to save HumanKind from the next-coming impactor from space... 

     Ok, I am going to give the mic over to Alien here. He's got some very interesting ideas to speak on the GigaRocket SuperProject. Take it away  Alien.


    Thanks Dave. Ya. OK, this is how it is: We all saw you get that 20 million windfall inheritance package, a gift from papa Pierre. (Dave says he saw your father (Pierre Trudeau) once in Kentville's baseball park before he became prime minister. He landed in a helicopter, hopped up on the stage, delivered his animated words, told off the hecklers in a pleasant manner (mostly), jumped back in the helicopter, and disappeared into the sky to dominate the next twenty years of Canadian history.)

     We (us Canadians) want our just cut of that twenty million,  Justin (without  us you wouldn't have any of it...)
injected into the GigaRocket project.

Put together a vote to the people of SpaceShipEarth: Yes or No, Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada) should take ten million  of those 20 million he got for "free" and inject it into the global GigaRocket project which is collectively owned by all the kids of SpaceShipEarth. 
     We think your father would approve seeing how his mission was to continue changing  the world for the better (which he did), and changing the future for the better is the same thing. We collectively blast the planet a hundred years into the future where you are going to have to be to save yourselves from the aftermath of the Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption.  Boing Boing

     Definition of boing boing:
Boing, Boing -- the awesome power of 2% of the thinking people of SpaceShipEarth MindFocused into the GlassBox SuperAccounts presently in the Royal Bank of Canada (but eventually everywhere) for the Parallel Projects listed as mega projects in the SuperCore of the free-will SuperHub

     And, just as an interesting side note, the global military industrial complex will get happier and happier making lots of money building DragonFlys and will be so happy contributing to the development of a SuperWorld rather than working to build bigger bombs...

MindMembers of the CometForce are deemed SuperHuman, and there is only one rank.  Your title is:  First PseudoHead of the United Global Space Force. This may seem a little silly, but there is psychological reasoning behind it. It will expand the public mind many times, and this is good because the public's mind will have to get expanded many times to become powerful enough to deal with the coming comet...
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