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The Wall Street Problem
I'm going to tell you something right off the bat, just so you don't get bent out  of shape worrying that your name will be named previous  to the final sentence of this dissertation... Nobody is going to get hurt and nobody is going to jail.
We are all greedy. We (us aliens) are many times more greedy than you are, and look what we have -- a giant spaceship with  a hundred billion happy campers --  swimming pools, all sports, golf, flying around in airplanes, gliders and strap-on rocket packs, scuba-diving... (the yellow section is a giant void with a bunch of airports).  The difference between our greed (SuperGreed) and your greed (a itty bitty mini kind of greed) is seen in the "FocusFactor".
We are focused and you are not. You are going through a randomized  period in your history advancing up the ladder of progress.    That's the way it is supposed to happen. That's the way it happened to us... You have to evolve to be randomized before you can switch on FocusMode. And you switch on FocusMode because you understand that focusing on the MegaProjects in the SuperCore of the SuperHub is what you have to focus on if you want tremendous collective wealth. (You will all own the supertrain system, for example.  (Some people call it the SuperTubing.) You don't buy tickets;  you own the thing. You just jump on and go from anywhere on the planet to anywhere else on the planet (eventually). It's not going to happen before next Wednesday, but every member that becomes a member of the CometForce (a borderless MindForce) helps to speed up the arrival of the day when the first loop of the United Global SuperTrain  is switched on and running. 
Unfortunately, we have to do a little finger waving at the Wall Street bunch and the network of connected stock markets, banks, and the 1% around the planet. You will never quantum leap into a pitchforkless SuperFuture unless you mindsnap with SuperGreed. Your random, disorganized greed caused the 2008 economic meltdown where the economy went belly-up, millions lost jobs, millions lost their homes, millions went hungry with  trillions of tears because of you out-of-control blood-suckers. Hang your head in shame, but lesson leaned...  
How do you change random greed into SuperGreed? Education.  (You open up a feedback loop from Wall Street to Main Street.) You, the Wall Street bunch have to realize it is
                     beyond stupid
to kill the economy with debt. The more robust the economy is the more profit you make. To continuously drive a robust economy simply take a goodly "some" of your profits and channel it into the mega projects in the SuperCore of the SuperHub. It will greatly speed up the economic engine of SpaceShipEarth. 
All that goes into the mega projects goes into paycheques for  people that will be spent again to continuously energize the wheels of the greater economic machine enabling you to make profit continuously. The wealth created by the Parallel Projects is debt free. You collectively own the SuperTrain, you collectively own the SuperCities, and you collectively own the DragonFly which will become HumanKind's greatest engineering achievements... soon...
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