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Everyone of those little "spots" in the SpaceVehicle you see in the image is a SuperCity, bigger than any city on Earth, is doughnut-shaped, and it spins generating its own gravity... Millions of them collectivize our SpaceCraft.  
     SpaceShips  in Space
  with Collectivized SuperGreed   
This is awesome stuff to know, and to think about (so you might want to grab a quick snack first for a needed energy boost). You have the technology to be a hundred thousand times more powerful but you cannot  use this power because your collective MindState is not advanced enough. What you have to do is Mind-Leap to a higher level (something like the way that electrons "jump" to a higher level when they get excited). You need to "free will", and then      MindSnap  
Realize that you are powerful because you are all different. It's that difference that makes your economic world and collective powers possible. When MindSnaped you collectively (planet-wide) focus on developing the MegaProjects in the SuperCore of the SuperHub. And because you all own the SuperGoodies that come out of the SuperCore you get to enjoy them for free (you own them). Imagine the SuperTrain -- millions of miles (eventually) of sky-blue SuperTrain loops winding throughout the SuperCities and all over the planet. Anywhere to anywhere in shirt-sleeve comfort. Made possible because of robotics, standardization, the elimination of a bad MindWorm and replaced by  "SuperRespect"  which opens up a portal to  a huge reservoir of collective MindEnergy. This MindEnergy is what you want. It is priceless stuff. It squeezes out freely with more and more SuperRespect washing over the land of SpaceShipEarth. With collective MindEnergy you can build a SuperWorld where everybody has fun, everybody gets a weekly paycheque via your SuperLink in the SuperHub (including students). You only work two or three days a week (more if you want). Let the robots do the work. Relax, travel around SpaceShipEarth via the SuperTrain and contemplate the new reality. Our mission now is to nullify the aging genes in the DNA soup and populate the universe... 
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