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The MindHammer
a useful tool when you need one
 Sadly, Putin has thyroid cancer. It might have been a gama ray from space that caused it... Did the cancer metastasize to his brain where it has affected the section that governs empathy? We need to fast help him get a CAT scan of his brain to see if there is anything that surgery can fix.

If surgery is successful he will wake up and immediately stop the Ukraine war. If the CAT scan shows that there is no brain cancer then it is a mind-twist problem and we have to MindHammer the mind-twist out of his mind.

Load this MindHammerMessage into the MindHammer and pound it into his mind all day, every day in every way from all directions at once and from all around SpaceShipEarth...

Mr. President of Russia, the people of the world want you to stop the Ukraine war so Ukraine and Russia can join with the rest of the SuperStates on SpaceShipEarth to build DragonFly Asteroid Miners in orbit to save HumanKind from the coming comet...
(End of MindHammer message.)

Of course there are options. 

Here's one: We rent a B2 stealth bomber

from the United States Military. (Let's assume that such a thing could be done...) We fill the bomber full of billions of DragonFly flyers like the one you see below. We fly unseen at night and carpet bomb all of Ukraine with the DragonFly flyers. A sketch of the DragonFly is on one side of the DragonFly flyer and Stop The War Words are on the other side.

"Russian and Ukranian soldiers'
stop all shooting. The war is over. The war is over because you decide it's over. You do not have to wait for the big guy to tell you it is

over. Just
stop now, all of you. We want you to help build DragonFlys in orbit to save the world from the soon-coming comet.

If you continue the insanity you continue maiming and killing each other,  maiming and killing more innocent men women and children, and you continue senselessly destroying more billions of dollars worth of property and infrastructure as if it was being punished for something it did because it was bad..  If you don't get killed, you might come home with your legs blown off  your arms  blown off or maybe half a face...

Stop Now

and you prevent all kinds of terrible things from happening. 
You won't go to jail for disobeying the big guy because the Russian people and the world public wouldn't allow it.
Fly a black and white flag that says you want to stop the stupid war, get together for a beer, and join with the rest of the people on the planet to build DragonFly asteroid miners in orbit and start a new age on SpaceShipEarth.

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