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                                                                                       MindSmack  to your noodle package


Call it whatever you want.  It won't matter. You have been targeted by an invasion force of aliens on their way here to take your paradise and turn it into a giant frog-jumping colosseum... These coming aliens are not intrinsically bad (actually, they are mostly all-night party-animals and quite kind and likeable when you get to know them...), but from your point of view, not so much to like. Infact, they would very much qualify as horrendously evil (or worse). What they want (and it's nothing personal) is to kill all human beings on the planet and harvest your brain matter for mind food. They don't hate you (it's good to know) any more than a wheat farmer hates the grain before cutting it down into a harvest. Brains are a delicacy to these guys -- sauteed brain lobes with curried frog's bowels and a slathering of crushed warts. Sounds gross but actually it is quite delicious (I'm told...).


Giant fleets of giant DragonFlys (THE "THING" THAT YOU SEE IN THE BACKGROUND OF THIS PAGE)  would stop these marauding, opportunistic space gluttons in their tracks.  Unfortunately, you don't have any DragonFlys built yet... but you have the technology. All you have to do now is "MindSnap" to SuperHuman status to get the SuperGoods... But you need the SuperFix first!

What's the SuperFix?

The SuperFix is the mind-expanding, MindSnap mind medicine that infuses into your mind as you adventure around this futuristic, positive, steering-the-Titanic-away-from-danger class of  website. 

Included in the  SuperFix is the GlassBox (which already exists in the Royal Bank of Canada) for the Parallel Projects which has already started (01/01/21) We have asked the Canadian RCMP and all other police forces to monitor the quantum flows through this GlassBox. I started it (opened the account). It is silly (idiotically silly) to waste time when the Yellowstone's clock is ticking non stop towards its inevitable eruption day, and the next killer space rock is getting closer as you read these words... It will take to at least the end of this century to complete the first phase of the Parallel Projects.


Do you think you have enough time?


Nobody knows for sure... when it will happen (the Yellowstone SuperVolvano eruption). We just know for sure that the Yellowstone's next eruption date is already 40,000 years past its 600,000 year average eruption date... It could start next Wednesday. The Parallel Projects has begun! Us aliens think it would be a very very good idea for the passengers of SpaceShipEarth to get focused on what it is going to do about the coming Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption because the Yellowstone SuperVolcano is 100% focused on what it is going to do geologically soon...

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