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     The Parallel Projects

You have been Z-Beamed (observed), and you just need a little nudge into a different future if you are to survive the problems that are coming up in your time line. The most pressing problem is the soon-coming eruption of the Yellowstone SuperVolcano. The Yellowstone SuperVolcano is 40,000 years past its average 600,000 year average eruption time span. It may not erupt for another thousand years, but it could start next Wednesday. It will erupt like it has done many times in the past seventeen million years. It is not going to not erupt. It is best to believe (because it is true) that you are living on death row and to start doing something about it now because it is going to take some time to put the infrastructure in place to save the planet from the aftermath of the eruption.
The Yellowstone is a SuperVolcano and it is an extinction event when it happens. It is a thousand times more powerful than your most violent volcano and it will blow so much smoke and fine particle debris so high up above the stratosphere (where it never rains) that it will block out much of the sun and cause a non-stop volcanic winter that could last for decades. Food cannot be produced and the entire economic world will collapse. You cannot stop the Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption but you can cooperate planet-wide to build SuperCities to house all the people of SpaceShipEarth, and a standardized SuperTrain system to connect all the SuperCities so people can get around safely in any kind of bad weather.
The SuperCity project, the SuperTrain project and the DragonFly project we call the Parallel Projects.    


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