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                                           A Free Speech for Joe Biden
President of the United States of America

Between the United States, Russia, China and other big players on the planet there are over 10,000 nuclear-armed missiles sitting quietly in their silos, fueled up and ready to destroy the world. This is not science fiction fantasy as if in a Hollywood movie. This is "real" in real time. We are living in a three dimensional horror story on top of a time bomb! The end of the world is less than half a day away all the time, every day. The unthinking missiles are just waiting for a deranged human (or possibly suffering from a mind-distorting brain cancer) to come along and give them a little jolt of electricity to get their rocket motors fired up so they can be sent off to kill people... We have been living blissfully on death row. Sooner or later if this problem is not fixed we could be very very sorry... What to do?

Do it fast

                                                                       There is not much time...

           the more MindSnaped the world becomes,

       the more MindLinked SpaceShipEarth becomes,

             the more powerful Humankind becomes,

                      the more likely there will be a


                to save us all from the coming comet,

          and much less possibility of a global nuclear war...

Good people of SpaceShipEarth, the problem is global and the solution has to include all of humanity. We can only fix the pending nuclear Armageddon problem by being more friendly, more sharing, and more helpful to each other and we have to expand our collective mind. What we really need is a planet-wide super project to give us badly-needed experience in global cooperation. The Parallel Projects is such a super package, just what we need, and it has already started. Alien started it. It is a quantum leap of SuperThinking that everybody who wants our civilization to live forever into the future would agree with. As the President of the United States, I am MindLinking to the Parallel Projects on SpaceShipEarth and I am inviting all the people and all the governments around the world to also MindLink to the Parallel Projects with the mission to steer the future into a space age SuperWorld.

                                     The Parallel Projects

                       Three World Projects Running Concurrently:


Build the weather-impervious hyperloop SuperTrain (to
link all the planet with a million miles of standardized, fail-safe transportation system..., and to help save the people of the planet after the Yellowstone SuperVolcano explodes with cosmic violence causing a decades-long, non-stop winter...)

Build the cone-shaped, mile-high SuperCity (to save the world from the soon-coming Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption and decades-long volcanic winter with no sun to grow food...)


Build the magnificent DragonFly Asteroid Miners in
orbit to speed up developments in rocket science to save HumanKind from the next-coming killer comet... and mine the asteroids when there are no pesky comets around. We become a space-age SuperWorld with a new SuperToy.

How do we pay for all this high-tech, planet-saving wizardry? A super tax? No. We pay for it with a SuperFix. With free-will, you buy the future like you buy everything else. A Super Commitment of 2 quantums every GoUnit into the GlassBox for the ParallelProjects "is" the SuperFix. (It's that easy.) A quantum is about the price of a cup of coffee. A GoUnit is about a week. The GlassBox is like a bank account linked to every bank on the planet and energized by SuperHumans on SpaceShipEarth. The Parallel Projects will continue non-stop for a thousand years and a group of well-known billionaires (some of the Davos guys...) (and some Russian and Chinese oligarghs) have agreed to inject a pump-priming 20 billion quantums into the GlassBox for the Parallel Projects... The GlassBox is an unbelievably powerful creation tool. It is like a rocket pack strapped to the back of humanity. Money is renamed "quantums" as it passes through the GlassBox on its way equally to the three World Projects: the SuperTrain, the SuperCities and the DragonFly.

Not everybody will agree to buy into the free-will SuperFix (initially) but all you need is 2%   (..)  boing boing  the SuperHumans on SpaceShipEarth that understand how powerful the GlassBox is... Hundreds of millions of SuperFix-committed SuperHumans around the world  (..)  focused on the SuperFix directive of 2 quantums every GoUnit into the GlassBox is all you need to build the Parallel Projects. Don't remain myopic, good people of SpaceShipEarth. We are not here to insult you; we are here to help you become many times more powerful as a MindLinked SuperGroup.


  "Do it"  

                                You become a space-age SuperWorld

MindSnapNow. Use this awesome, collectively-generated , laser-focused SuperPower -- the MindLinked GlassBox (call it the SuperBox) to energize the Parallel Projects.


          See yourselves as OneSuperGroup on SpaceShipEarth

                                       (the whole kit moving at 20 miles a second in orbit around the sun)
                           MindLink to the Parallel Projects

Become a MindMember of the CometForce with the mission to build the CometShield to Save HumanKind from the next coming comet. If we are all MindMembers of the CometForce and the CometForce is planet-wide, then there is no reason to throw our spears at each other at any time. We are all family. We solve problems the non-violent, civilized way befitting a space age SuperWorld: we talk and we talk and we talk and we puff the peace pipe, and we establish VoterSuperTalk in cyberspace (the conflict mitigater) to talk and vote and talk and vote on things to fix, and there is always things that need to be fixed even in a SuperWorld.

Let it be known that we, the United States of America will never (ever) fire the first nuclear-armed missile, but millions of watching eyes and dedicated satellites will continue to fix fast on a problem   24/7/365...


                                     Breaking News from the SuperPortal  
                               (SuperNews from the Future...)

The passengers of SpaceShipEarth MindLink via the SuperCom (the internet) including the button-pushers (the Armageddon soldiers) who actually push the buttons that fire the missiles, understanding that if they pushed the buttons it would be suicide for all including the big guys -- not really a sensible thing to do unless you actually want to self-terminate and take down as many people as you can like the German Wings piolet who crashed a jet liner into a mountain. (What caused the hate that made him want to kill so many people? Could we have prevented it if we had been a more friendly to-each-other people living on the same planet?)

So the button-pushers save themselves, their families and the big guys by becoming free-will MindMembers of the SuperGroup (the CometForce on SpaceShipEarth) and refusing to push the buttons. The big guys, fitted with new glasses, see the sandbox is much bigger than the one left behind at the end of the Cold War. This new sandbox is the entire planet.

Soon, the world is busy building DragonFlys, SuperTrains and SuperCities -- the fun SuperStuff they would not have been doing if they had pushed the buttons...

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