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To the Passengers of Space-Ship-Earth

From here (the place in space-time where you are now in HumanKind's brief, ten-thousand-year history...) you go farther up (focused advancement) or you go back down towards negative oblivion... You can't stay where you are forever. There are only two possible directions:



             down..., and your oil will soon be gone...

The newly-started trade war is the beginning of a downward spiral towards chaotic oblivion... It is easy to start a war but very difficult to reverse the inevitably-engendered hate, bad memories, revenge and lost time.


You are one inter-connected global economy on Space-Ship-Earth…


(economics 101) Everything effects everything else... Tariffs slow the cycling of the Global economy down at a time when you need to speed up the cycling of the global economy to build the infrastructure

    parallel Projects 

you are going to need to save your world from the decades-long volcanic winter that is soon-coming...

New definition of myopia: having tariffs on a planet with a late-term Super Volcano poised to blanket the planet with a couple decades of non-stop winter... But we can learn from new info coming in...


Alias, Alien, First Pseudohead of the 


United Global Space Force




               with the mission to




      and build the




to save HumanKind from the





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