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You have just entered the Anti-MindWorm cyberspace portal. This is a MindWorm extraction service (sort of like a dentist's office where they yank teeth out of your head, but instead of yanking teeth out of your head we extract MindWorms out of your mind -- your noodle package). [just so you know, your noodle package is not your icky, biological brains that would look something like fresh dog vomit if scooped out onto the sidewalk.] Your noodle package is what your biological brains "generates": (like a field around a magnet) the living, thinking you with unique personality. It is a good thing the dog vomit is not where the MindWorms live otherwise we'd have to cut open your skull and dig around for something that wiggles. No. The MindWorms that we do battle with are in your noodle package and we don't have to cut open your head to extract them. (A lot less messy and no infections or bandages to deal with.)  What we do is we bludgeon the worm into a near comatose state  with visual and audio hammers, and then escort them to the exits which mercilessly vaporizes  the virtual MindWorm (a fat exit for the bigger worms and a smaller exit for the less troublesome trouble-makers... 

Before you can continue passing through this tunnel through the void towards the SuperChamber you have to pause and let this thought run through your mind:

The Yellowstone SuperVolcano is 40,000 years past its average 600,000 year eruption time span. It will erupt in the future like it has done many times in the past 17 million years. The resulting black cloud for ten years surrounding the planet will immediately stop the entire economic world dead. No paychecks, no food. Cannibalism if you want to live, and those who want to live are savage. 




Will the civilization presently living on planet Earth run the Parallel Projects (YES) starting immediately (now that they know this bad event is coming) to save themselves and their progeny from being skewered over a flaming barbeque pit in the cannibalistic nightmare age that is inevitably coming, or (NO) like the da da sheep, they would not do it until after next Wednesday... because they had some pooping and other important things to do first?




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