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                       Greetings to Joe Biden

                 President of the United States

The biggest wavemaker on the planet is the US Podium. Everybody hears the words and ideas that come from this SuperPodium that is linked to the internet, all news media, all communications satellites, and is the place where the president gets to "''jiggle''" the actual mind of the brain-matter emanating from inside the skulls of HumanKind total. It was from the SuperPodium that John Kennedy launched the moon-landing project and changed the direction of the future in one SuperSpeech. We need to put together another SuperSpeech, Mr. President because you are not going in the right direction if you are not planning for the survival of all human beings on all sides of all borders on this planet (SpaceShipEarth).

You need a dramatic event to "snap" the mindstate of the world public to a higher level of awareness. How about we tell a white lie and report that the scientists have discovered a giant comet that will smack into the planet five years hence with the force of billions of bombs turning the whole world into a baking-hot fireball. The global shot of fear into the minds of your people would instantly "mindsnap" the collective mind to an expanded level of connected consciousness. (Finally, you do something together; you die as one group.) Let the fear marinate in the mind of the masses for a day or two before telling them it was all a silly mistake (the photographer sneezed, or something...), and then prepare to harvest the "bounty" of residual fear and put it to constructive use. 


Nothing wrong with having fear. Fear of getting run over by a car keeps most of humanity safe. If you could throw all of this fear off the planet, then (in real time before your eyes) the streets of the planet would become a carnage of blood and guts, crushed bones and exploded brain matter gumming up the undersides of cars. The fear of getting run over by a car is a healthy fear to have. Call it "SuperFear".  No fear of the Yellowstone SuperVolcano

                        will kill you.


You don't have to invent a new boggy-man. You already have a real coming problem that needs to be SuperFeared -- the Yellowstone SuperVolcano. It is a coming MegaHorror game-changer that could knock humanity back a thousand years and possibly even into extinction if nothing is done. It's going to happen. It is impossible for it not to happen. Its history for the last seventeen million years is written in the rocks. It is 40,000 years past its 600,000 year average eruption time span.


When it does happen it will blow  a thousand cubic miles... of matter high into the sky that will vaporize to great volume into fine-particle smoke that surrounds the planet too high up to get rained out and kept aloft by the heat of the sun for years. Blocks out the sun,  causes a prolonged volcanic winter and STOPS all food production. Jungle law, Cannibalism... if you want to eat...

A solution for this coming MegaProblem is the first SuperDecree: 


                 The Parallel Projects

          The Parallel Projects have started

                                                                               inauguration day 01/01/21

                          (1) the "SuperCity" project,

                     (2) the "SuperTrain" project, and

                         (3) the "DragonFly" project.



The passengers of  SpaceShipEarth

will have to free-will "mindsnap" up to a higher

Collective MindState

with  an injection of  SuperFantastic mindsnap:

Superism also called "GlassBoxism"


the scientific union of capitalism and Communism

to survive the Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption and aftermath.


First PseudoHead of the United Global Space Force (the CometForce) with the mission to build the "CometShield" to save HumanKind from rogue space rocks that are coming...

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