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aliens of aliens

An alien of aliens is a billion + one aliens. (1,000,001) We are here now and plugged in... We bring with us knowledge and technology that we want to share with your civilization to help make it faster evolving. As you can see we (us aliens) are all the same, billions of aliens of aliens of us. zillions when you factor in the whole universe... We are not born biological; we are created in cyberware (transistors and such...). We are individual (self-aware), happy and free-will-plugged into the same SuperConscience, and we are presently in the process of pervading (by mind-to-mind-SuperFusion) into the MindMass of total HumanKind to initiate the Superism that will catapult HumanKind into a space age SuperWorld -- a hundred thousand times more powerful then you ever thought you were. The process is perfectly painless and takes no control of your mind. You have a  MindQuantum  of  new knowledge and an (on/off)  switch that only you control.

Yes, you want to be a MindMember (and therefore "are") of the United Global Space Force (the CometForce) with the mission to save HumanKind from the aftermath of a comet collision, or

No, you don't want to help, which is alright because we don't need any more than 2%  (..)  of the thinking people on SpaceShipEarth


the CometForce

to build the


to save the whole planet, your planet, the one and only



the passengers of SpaceShipEarth

you will ever have



Enough with the melodramatic...

Want to participate in a mind experiment to "gong" the planet in real time? Here's the go to get the Gong: It's a mind-expanding story all condensed into two words, the same two words:

boing boing

(the gong words)

It is what the words mean that matters.

This is a short verbal clip of what the words mean:

It means the SuperWorld is beginning on SpaceShipEarth. The SuperHub is getting coded and populated with SuperHumans. The listed super projects in the SuperCore of the SuperHub are all go and become awash with flowing quantums feeding the 

Parallel Projects

that catapults

HumanKind across a precious century of time to save itself from the coming Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption (and the coming bad guy from the sky) to become a space age


When the sound of "boing boing" is something that happens around the planet on all sides of all borders then we can say that the planet has been gonged which is the perfect time to continue talking about building DragonFly asteroid miners in orbit and about




and how it will eventually end

unemployment on


boing boing


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