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Our SpaceShip you see in the background is over a hundred miles long (momentarily with its position shielding turned off or you wouldn't be able to see it...).


We noticed your world while we were scooting about and decided to slow down and have a boo. Here is our analysis: Not good (but we can help you to fix your problem...). Your technological progress is impressive, but you have to advance your collective MindState to a higher status, the status that gives you


                  SuperPowers ... 




It will  open up the bottleneck preventing you and your world from leap-frogging into a fantastic SuperWorld.


One example of the SuperPower force is the CometForce -- the mission to build the CometShield and for that you will need DragonFlys. No big deal... small potatoes to us.  You could stick a thousand of them in the sensor bubble at the point of our SpaceCraft's SuperSnout.


After a while you will have thousands of factories all over SpaceShipEarth building the parts for the DragonFlys, and a collective FreeWill GlassBox (the SuperAccount same in all banks) that gives HumanKind the collective SuperPowers to do it. (The SuperTrain (which will be collectively owned and used by all the people of SpaceShipEarth) will be created with this SuperPower and eventually there will be no unemployment. People will be able to get around freely in a happier world. The CometForce is borderless and so is SpaceShipEarth when the comet comes... How much do you want to live? There is a comet coming that is going to kill you.


Think bigger 

                     or you die

It's up to you. Meanwhile, we will just continue what we do best: reproduce. The robots do all the work and we enjoy all being students of the electronic SuperSchool and taking courses to fill our minds with useful MindMatter. And, of course, we enjoy our copulation duties to fulfill our mission to spread intelligent life into the cosmos. 


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