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        New cold war
       or DragonFlys?
There are many people within the military industrial complex of your planet (the infrastructure that builds weapons of mass destruction) that would absolutely love a new cold war between the West and China because it means huge incomes building ever more terrifying weapons of mass destruction. Uncontrollably fixated on the money which would come to them out of the socialized pockets of hundreds of millions of tax payers on all sides of the political divide, they suffer from chronic tunnelvisionitis  (a curable MindWorm).
There is no room here to talk about all the close calls that nearly triggered a global nuclear Armageddon in the first cold war. Do you really think you can get through decades of a second cold war without an "event" that will set it all off ( a giant orgasm of ballistic missile launch tit-for-tat fashion) at the push of a button knowing that there are many more players now (with much wigglier trigger fingers) who work endlessly to get hold of that First Option Button in real time even as you read these words...?
Perhaps you should go in a different future and become a truly SpaceAge
What do you say we link all the military industrial complex of the planet together as one gargantuan creation organism (We'll call it the "MegaBox") to make DragonFlys in Earth orbit... The aliens who watch you would be impressed...
DragonFly - big enough for a 747 to land on, but still tiny realizing that you could stuff a thousand of them in the sensor-bubble at the point of our SpaceCraft's SuperSnout... (that you see in the background to your right). As your most famous scientist, Albert Einstein, noted: Everything is relative. In the not too distant future there will be millions of  these tiny Asteroid Miners gorging themselves (on your scale, giant, insect-like, robotic, rock-crunching, burpless, SpaceGluttons) cleaning up the asteroid belt to make more asteroid miners and billions more horney SuperHumans to populate the cosmos... And it's a good thing that HumanKind was as space-aged advanced (with a CometForce) as it was...when the comet came...
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