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Passengers of SpaceShipEarth, We hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is a
Your days of propagating orgasmic superjoy will soon be over. You will
 Won't make any difference to us, but too bad for HumanKind -- a sad write-off in the pages of cosmic history...
               boing boing 2020
the SuperWorld begins       
a borderless "MindForce" with the mission to build a "CometShield" to save HumanKind from the next-coming killer comet
Knock Knock
This is what you have to do to prevent this coming MegaHorror  event: (that "is" coming...)
  Stop production of all war materials in the military industrial complex (the MegaBox) of  SpaceShipEarth and instead, link all the war factories together to begin design and construction  of   comet-catching
     DragonFlys.   in orbit.
If you don't want to do that, then, well, it's your problem. You continue to live blissfully on death row until
Alien's Report
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