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The Bridge
A MindPortal to the SuperWorld
A daily news show and website about the development of the DragonFly and Parallel Projects and futuristic stuff, which is broadcast from the Bridge (in the bridge) on the deck of a working (animated) SuperHornet.
What's a SuperHornet?
A SuperHornet looks something like an aircraft carrier with 8, long, exquisitely-engineered, robotic legs. It's a walking factory that extrudes SuperTrain tubing and A-frame scaffolding for  hydroponic vegetable gardens so HumanKind can grow food during the long, Yellowstone SuperVolcano, volcanic winter that will happen with 100% yes-chance of it happening. (It's impossible for it not to happen).
Continuous waves of supply helicopters come and go. They don't land. With robotic legs they hand their cargo of parts to waves of robotic arms on the deck of the SuperHornet. Sucked into the bowels of the SuperHornet, the cargo is soon shaped-out as SuperTubing for the SuperTrain, and mounted solidly to the planet by RamHammer as the SuperHornet extrudes around the countryside in giant loops (soon to be used by happy SuperHumans for fun...). 
The plan is for a million miles of sky-blue, standardized SuperTrains, so it (the SuperTubing) can be built robotically-fast with fleets of SuperHornets) and almost that much hydroponic gardens. 
Those hydroponic all-year-round-fruit-and vegetables will be some succulently delicious (YummySomeGood) during the coming decades in the future when there will be no growing seasons on SpaceShipEarth because the erupting Yellowstone  SuperVolcano  has blackened Earth's sky.
No sunshine.
Would have been very very much too bad for HumanKind had SuperHumans  not blasted the
Parallel Projects
out of the pages of science fiction into "magic" SuperReality
When do you think the Yellowstone SuperVolcan0 will erupt taking into consideration it is 40,000 years past its 600,000 average eruption time span?
This is the stream of MindStuff you get from the SuperBridge (on the foredeck of the SuperHornet) and a non-stop stream of mind-expanding animations  which act as mind catalysts for a fast-expanding SuperWorld...
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