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AirCraftCarrier WiggleDance
That red bubble hanging under the backward-pointing skull protrusion (in the background)  is a SuperCity factory. We never stop building SuperCities with parts fed through a supply chain that starts at the comet-crunching back end of our space craft.  We'll talk about that later. What we want to talk about right now is the 
                  AirCraftCarrier WiggleDance.
Realize that if it can move it can dance. A slug as big as an aircraft carrier can definitely wiggle its bum. Traveling back and forth, side to side through a mathematical straight line will give the big slug its bum wiggle. Take two of them and pass them by one to each other in bum wiggle mode. This is the classic two-step (turn the steering wheel one way (the first step) and then the other way (the second step)) AirCraftCarrier-BumWiggle dance maneuver.
So you circle half a bunch of aircraft carriers in one direction and the other half  in the opposite direction and they circle round and round in a big fifty mile circle zigging and zagging around each other (wiggling their bums at each other as they pass by tooting and horning  joyfully. It gets more exciting when we crank them up to full throttle (like we did on planet Exsausage) , but, in the interests of safety we don't do it very often. Why waste the fuel when it can be used in the winter to heat homes?
So, why are we giving you this info on the AirCraftCarrier SuperDance?
Because you have a looming problem (that needs an AirCraftCarrier SuperDance to mitigate the problem...) happening between the two Chinas, mainland China (Big China) and Taiwan (Small China) about half as big as Canada's Nova Scotia a hundred miles off the coast of Mainland China. 
There was a war in China half an eternity ago (seventy years). To stop the war, one group of Chinese ended up in Small China where they made a thriving democracy and has become an economic power house on the planet. The rest of the Chinese in Big China (mainland China) ended up with the one party communist system. 
After decades of absorbing Western know-how from the capitalist system and becoming economically and militarily bigger and bigger because of it, Big China has decided they want now to "capture" little China (a capitalist system), take away their freedom of speech and the Rule of Law, and impose Big China's Will over the land.
But  Little China is a brother of Big China and you don't take over your brother. Little China has done pretty good for itself. It doesn't need  to be t0ld what to do. And why would you want to hurt the very system (the capitalist's system) that made you (China's communist system) so big and powerful anyway? It makes sense to us that you should be thanking the Western system for the great good it has contributed to China's well being, not bashing it down. We want a cooperating world with both systems allowed and linked by free will... 
We want to be friends. Time goes on. Things happen. Ideas change. Ideas improve. Once important issues become not so important. The thought of  wasting time enslaving Taiwan will look silly on a world where all the people on the planet (with expanded internet minds)... have decided to cooperate on the Parallel Projects. They want DragonFlys, SuperTrains and SuperCities to defend themselves against the next-coming comet and the soon-coming eruption of the Yellowstone SuperVolcano that will blacken Earth's sky for years...       No Food
What does the AircraftCarrier's WiggleDance have to do with it? 
As a gesture of good will, us aliens from the SS MindSpace (sistership to the SS SunBeam which you are looking at in the background now) have decreed (noted) that an AirCraftCarrier Super Dance using all the world's aircraft carriers WiggleDancing in the straight between Big China and Little China) will be used as the proof  point that your SuperWorld with its DragonFlys, SuperTrains and FreeWill SuperHub has already begun. The party has now started and an invitation to all aircraft carriers... is sent out to congregate and begin circling in the waters between Big China and Little China. Big China is not going to start shooting at dancing, friendly aircraft carriers with the whole world watching and soon they will be joining in the fun.
Any time you are ready... (Just a simple reminder: the volcano is getting closer and closer to eruption day.) The Glass Box for the Parallel Projects (the DragonFly, SuperTrain and SuperCity) already exists in the Royal Bank of Canada and eventually in all banks. Commit 2 quantums every go-unit (about a week) into the GlassBox for the Parallel Projects forever. A quantum is the price of a cup of coffee, hardly anything from a single SuperHuman but when hundreds of millions are committed that means hundreds of millions of  quantums flowing into the three legs of the Parallel Projects done completely debt free -- paid for as it is built. The quantums just go round and round and round in the economic world forever and there is never any danger of running out of quantums. 
So, what happens at the AircraftCarrier WiggelDance is this: They (possibly twenty aircraft carriers) circle round and round in opposite directions Wiggle Dancing, and they move slower and slower as they tighten the circle and make it eventually too small to Wiggle Dance safely so they all stop and celebrate with a global internet virtual party (everybody invited) by listening to new age presentations and speeches from aliens, politicians and other SuperHumans... and about the other MegaProjects for the people of the SuperWorld.
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