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Meet Rex. He's from the Andromeda galaxy (upper right corner in pic) with mission to help Alien MindHammer the human species into free-will SuperExistence. (It's a mind state...) Not sure if that is Alien looking on from top center or not... with mission to install the


First Halifax SuperGroup 902 452 8597

What is the CometForce? The CometForce is the group of people all around the planet who have


across all borders and agree to cooperate together on the construction of the "CometShield"  which is all the infrastructure in space and on the Earth needed to "push away" comets or asteroids that show up from time to time on collision courses with our beloved SuperOrb, SpaceShipEarth.

Collisions have been going on for billions of years and it looks like (if the laws of cosmic physics stay the same) more collisions will go on for billions of more years, many thousands of impacts over time. (We live in a period between impacts). This is a profound revelation. It means we are living on death row. No matter how advanced we become from here (2022) we are doomed when the big one comes. (Remember the dinosaurs?)


we are doomed only if we stay where we are. Of course we are not. We are not stupid. We have to advance upward to become a cooperating, global space aged SuperWorld. We think we'd be very very wise if we made it a top priority to  build the


Of course it would be. From here on into this word pack I am assuming you are a mind member of the CometForce with the mission to build the CometShield to save Humankind from bad "(BIG)" space rocks that are coming. 

                How do we do that in a nutshell?

Forget about the money for a moment. Monet just goes round and round and round in the EconomicEngine of SpaceShipEarth forever. You can never run out of it. Money does not exist in banks. Banks are just score-keepers. Money exists in your heads. And it is released as a quantum of mind energy when you buy something. The whole economic world "moves" when you buy something... For more on this check out the SuperHub in this website.

We have to map the asteroid belt and the Oort Cloud out past Pluto where most of the comets live. To do this we have to build thousands of sentinel spy spacecraft. The first one already exists. These sentinel spacecraft are infrared-seeing telescopes connected to fast computers pumped full of AI (artificial intelligence) to track and map millions and billions and trillions of asteroids. The plan is to keep mapping until  nothing from SpaceShipEarth to Pluto moves without us knowing about it.

When you map a moving object in the solar system you know where the thing is going to be for the next hundred years... and if it will ever threaten the SuperOrb -- SpaceShipEarth.

We want to find the ones that are threatening years before impact time would happen if nothing was done to prevent it from impacting. With the sentinel spy craft (it spies only on asteroids) we find the bad guys by their orbital trajectories long before they find us. Thank heavens for celestial mechanics and its mathematics.

We start the project with a website where we can link all ground and space parts of the CometShield -- big telescopes, small telescopes, backyard telescopes etc. We post lots of videos and information news concerning the progress being made with the construction of the CometShield. It will take many years but because we are starting now, then someday soon, we will have the ability to protect ourselves from the coming of a very bad day that collapses the economic world and changes everything for the worse... 


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