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The GigaBunch is the growing group of borderless SuperHumans on SpaceShipEarth who collectively "want" the GigaRocket system put together on SpaceShipEarth which will catapult all the passengers of SpaceShipEarth to become a space age SuperWorld capable of defending itself from rogue comets and asteroids that smash destructively into the planet from time to time... 

Holy SuperGoop


boing boing...

What is the GigaRocket System?

Think of an indestructible, cone-shaped, water-proof object floating in the ocean, flat (slightly bulging) side of the cone on top, a mile-and-a-half wide. Down the center of the cone is a large vertical construction bay where the GigaRockets are built and launched. The portal to the "BigBay" (on the top deck) opens like flower petals when a GigaRocket is launched. The BigBay is flooded with sea water during launch.
Surrounding the BigBay silo are store and repair silos for returned (from orbit) GigaRockets. There are many robotic workshops for assembling parts for DragonFly asteroid miners (the actual parts were built in thousands of factories all over the planet delivered to the GigaPods by ship, drones and helicopters). The floating structure (called the GigaPod) which is like a floating upside down cone a mile and a half across the top is also the landing pad for empty GigaRockets returning from orbit. (Twenty GigaPods strung out around the planet...) The returning GigaRocket is caught by massive robotic arms that unfold from the deck of the GigaPod. All around the outside perimeter of the GigaPod are hotels, night clubs, shopping malls and docking hubs.

The whole GigaRocket system is owned collectively by all the people of the planet so the GigaPods are designed as a free tourist haven for SuperHumans. Passageways built into the GigaPod allows tourists to travel around, watch construction and maintenance of GigaRockets without getting in the way of the technicians who are working. The system is designed to teach the visitor more about rocket science and how it is the only science that can save HumanKind... from coming bad SpaceRocks

that are coming. 

How does it all get paid for by the multi trillions?
Not all at once.
Money just goes round and round and round in the economic world-- the same money -- Like oil in an engine. You can spin it around fast (boom times when everybody is feeling good and spending more) or spend it slower (depressions when people en masse  slow down the spending of money because they are afraid they might need it in the future if there is a depression, and therefore causes the depression).
So, you spin it around fast and more good stuff comes down the robotic assembly lines faster. People of the future will see money as a universal good that needs to be circulated constantly. The Z-Box, the first MegaProject at the top of the list of MegaProjects in the SuperCore of the SuperHub registers the flow of money (quantums). When millions of SuperHumans commit to injecting 2 quantums into a common GlassBox (bank account) you can hire engineers and  coders to establish a website so the whole world can see the daily progress being made by the engineers and the collective flow of their quantums.

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