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                   The Bill Gates Problem

                         (with suggestion to fix the problem)


     The word "genius" is not potent enough to describe Bill Gates. The mastermind behind Microsoft has catapulted HumanKind across a hundred years of time/progress. Microsoft's billions of lines of software code has expanded production possibilities by a quantum leap. Without Bill Gates you would still be struggling in the chaotic frontiers of computing science... 


     But, the coding guru has evolved to become like a giant vacuum cleaner sucking at the money supply (the problem). The more money that Bill Gates sucks into his nest egg (over a hundred billion to date, 2020) the less there is to flow through the economy and that means the economy runs much slower than it could be moving. Wouldn't it be so big-minded thoughtful if Bill Gates decided to take a few of those billions and give a super gift -- the SuperSchool -- to the world to thank the world for what the world has  given him... 


(It wasn't all his doing. The "outside" world made much to do with those billions... Have you thanked the chip-makers for their contributions to "his" billions? Maybe, in all fairness, it's not truthfully his billions?  In SuperTruth it is "our" billions -- ( and we'll settle for  half now or you can litigate what ever percentage... and channel it into the SuperCore of the SuperHub forever!!! to help save HumanKind -- the SuperHumans -- of SpaceShipEarth from the coming Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption . We want our cut, Bill, our long-delayed SuperCut into the SuperCore of the SuperHub where it will do good for everybody. Any time you are ready..., the free-will GlassBox) for the parallel projects already exists. Google Royal Bank of Canada.  


The SuperSchool, which has already been launched and has a GlassBox super account at the Royal Bank of Canada  will open up a  bottleneck to allow knowledge to flow more rapidly  into thirsty minds that will speed up global innovation, speed up global production, speed up the reduction in global poverty, and help to prevent the soon-coming global economic super-collapse predicted by super-knowledgeable economist professor Michael Hudson (who predicted the 2008 economic meltdown). You'd better listen (on youtube) to this Economic SuperMind before it is too late…, and his eloquent, SuperBuddy, Professor Richard Wolff.

     In its final form the SuperSchool will be a vast library of educational courses (video, text and 3D) that will enable students to take online courses from A to Z in any subject leading up to diplomas, certificates and degrees. It will trigger a knowledge explosion on SpaceShipEarth.



    The SuperSchool must be free for all people to use, owned collectively by everybody and ultimately supported via its GlassBox in the SuperCore of the SuperHub. A twenty billion dollar start-up injection of money from Bill Gates (the suggestion) would be much appreciated by the global public and, because of the release of global mind energy and an exponential demand for more software, one day lead up to Bill Gates becoming the first trillionaire on SpaceShipEarth  and feeding half of it non-stop into the GlassBox for the Parallel Projects allowing the money to go round and round forever in the economic engine of SpaceShipEarth rather than fermenting for lack of exercise in Bill Gate's personal underground money bunker. 

     So, we thought it would be a good idea if "you, we, us, the global-media" set up a global vote that asks the question: (yes or no) Do you think Bill Gates should inject 20 billion into  the SuperSchool project to expand the global MindState (and hence the MindMass) of the SuperHumans on SpaceShipEarth, open up the flood gates to a vast reservoir of mind energy, speed up the economic world and catapult HumanKind across another hundred years of time? Or should we just leave Bill alone so he can enjoy himself counting it on weekends?


     It (the SuperSchool) will be owned collectively by all the people of SpaceShipEarth, and will ultimately be run freely through its free-will GlassBox listed in the SuperCore of the SuperHub.


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