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      SnakeOil MindMedicine

All you have to do to fix the world is this: Wake up tomorrow as a decided, free-will MindMember of the CometForce (which is a borderless MindForce)with the mission to build the CometShield to save HumanKind from suffering the horror that wiped out the dinosaurs. Soon, the whole world will get laser-like-focused in the direction of the Parallel Projects which includes the DragonFly that can double as a comet snatcher (handy when you are under attack by a coming comet...) and money will flow faster and more equitably through the SuperCore and SuperLinks in the SuperHub


the economic slowdown problem on SpaceShipEarth, forever...

You just have to think bigger collectively good people of SpaceShipEarth. No big deal. Thousands of other evolving civilizations in the cosmos have already done it...) Focus on the GlassBox (which already exists) for the MegaProjects in the SuperCore of the SuperHub.  A 2 (two) "quantum" commitment from 2% (..) of the thinking (CometForce) people on the planet (SpaceShipEarth) is all the financial power that you need to blast yourselves into a space age SuperWorld. Seeing how a quantum is just the price of a cup of coffee, it would be a little silly to not enable this awesome, collective power now that you know you have it. Without the infrastructure created by the parallel projects (SuperCity/SuperTrain/DragonFly you can't defend yourselves from what is coming at you in the future...

(comet strike, super volcano eruption, total death pandemic, nuclear annihilation, asteroid impact, global economic collapse, no food, armies of pitchforks climbing over fences, cannibalism.) But, all you have to do is think bigger as one interconnected group on your planet and the bad stuff doesn't happen.

The takeaway from this first injection of SnakeOil MindMedicine is this:

              Think bigger or you die

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