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"Dance" of the BumScratchers 

     When you finish reading to the end of this first sentence, the next-coming impactor from space (the one we call the "SuperKiller") will be 666... measurement units closer to its target! Makes you want to stop and do a little "BumScratching". (Slang in our world for "MindThinking".)

     Good thing space is vast. It could be billions, hundreds of billions, trillions, hundreds of trillions of miles away. But it is always coming. Never stopping. It seems like moving evil, but it is not evil, yet it will look like evil from a distance when it finally smashes through the atmosphere moving at a hundred thousand miles an hour... and punches a giant hole in the crust of the earth with the force of billions of atomic bombs. Molten hot ejecta from the blast rain down all over the planet starting fires everywhere. Non-stop blackness, smoke and fire... 


     Energy can not be created or destroyed (first law of thermo dynamics). It dissipates... The atmosphere heats up rapidly. Most of humanity will be cooked alive... Those that live, fight savage battles with the crocodiles for real estate in the swamps.

     This is all going to happen someday


HumanKind builds for itself a




and becomes masters of the side-ways-

push-at-a-long-distance-away "trick". Turns out a little sideways force pushing on a comet (or asteroid) at a long distance away has great effect...

     Fill the solar system with thousands of infrared "spy" satellites to keep track of all moving objects. Keep improving the system until you know that nothing moves in the solar system without you knowing about it.  Giant scopes peering deep into space beyond Pluto's orbit will tag the "Bad Guys" (the comets that can show up at any time after falling for millions of years out of the ort cloud towards the sun). Infrastructure developed and put together for the Parallel Projects will make it easier to build the          



and the CometShield will speed up the development of the 


    Parallel Projects


with help from the



the people who want to see HumanKind live happy forever...

         boing boing


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