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You are now living in a science-fiction-come-true nightmare.  Covid-19 pandemic is a killer. But the good news: It will  "MindSnap"  the survivor's collecive MindState on SpaceShipEarth to a higher collective MindState powerful enough to build the 


What drastic measures would be needed to save HumanKind from a pandemic collapse?: It would be... a global project to build a super scientific Terminator and a universal agreement  for people to "observe" (please) the Anti-Pandemic-Protocols if you want to live!


The virus spreads mostly from touching, coughing, sneezing, spiting and even breathing.


Robitically mass-produce 


The Scientific Super Toilet

All over the planet  (millions of them, eventually billions). Step  into a Terminator (it looks like a glorified  outhouse with a space age coat of paint), drop your used HazMat (MGs) full of pesky pathogens that never reached your lungs or other people's lungs into the high-tech BugTester/BugBlaster miracle recycle machine... All hooked up to super computers and labs around the planet, the virus is not invisible any more; you can see where it is...  and then you  deal with  them... Forunately, the BadBugs don't have any brains  and they are easily corraled into the Terminators that terminate them... More info.


A laser scans your face and a new HazMat is 3D printed on the spot that perfectly fits your dimensions. Take the vitamin C anti-viral pills and clean gloves that come with it. The BadBugs are laser-blasted or Javexed to death in the StarTrek-Like BugZapper, and everything else gets recycled into new MGs. (The processed  SuperGoop will be slurried to the hydroponic SuperFarm which is contained inside the pyramid-shaped, plexi-glass-covered support structure for the (Yellowstone-proof) United Global SuperTrain.)


Kill the bugs by the billions! 

The BugZapper sits under the clean MG dispenser. Build them high quality, serviceable and modular so they last forever and can be used to do battle in any potential pandemic in the future (which, actually, is all the time; you never shut them off.)


Can be financed through a GlassBox in the SuperCore of the SuperHub, with government funding, or injections from the far-seeing 1% who justifiably worry that following a global economic collapse they would be the first to be hunted down for food by mobs with pitch forks. And, just to let you know, body guards would do no good; they are as succulent  as any billionaire skewered over a barbecue pit... We are on your side. We are just trying to prevent it from happening. Funds into the SuperCore of the SuperHub is all it takes...

Control the rate of pandemic slowdown by the percentage of the global civilization using the civilization-saving



Keep in mind that pandemics are part of the ever-evolving biosphere on your planet. Remember the Black Plague of the middle ages and the 1918/19 Spanish flue (which actually started in the United States so you could call it the United States virus if you were that stunned that you would do it...) that killed upwards of fifty million people world-wide. Biological systems and viruses are always mutating all over the planet and is part of the reason life evolved over three billion years from single-celled creatures to trillion-celled human beings. Billions of Terminators around the planet hooked up to a central data bank would ameliorate-down to full-stop-status the forever-coming pandemics because bad bugs are not going to stop coming...without the 

Super Terminator System.

boing boing


Of course, the Terminator is not going to do you any good with the fight against the covid-19. It will take a while to get set up, but there is a very useful quick fix.


We have observed that the people of your planet (SpaceShipEarth) are collectiely smart enough to use it:


the BugSuit

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