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a covid-19


If nature goes its usual way unrestricted, the pandemic will go on for weeks, months, years, devastate the economy and kill a lot of people. But it doesn't have to be that way... 

The virus will continue to spread and multiply because it is coughed, sneezed and breathed by human beings into the air around where people are in a kind of invisible, nebulous cloud that everybody breaths. You have to isolate yourselves so you can't spread the bug, or breathe the bug.

People of SpaceShipEarth, you have to mass produce and use the BugSuit

What's a BugSuit?

You are about to find out very very soon  what a BugSuit is...

The BugSuit is an enviornment isolation suit made out of light-weight plastics. Starts with a fishbowl-like, clear plastic bubble over your head, is articulated and rests in a special harness on your shoulders. Plastic arms protrude out and a one-piece, plastic gown flows to the ground  where you get in. There is a hook on top of the helmet where you hang it when you are home.


The BugSuit comes with a computer belt, motors, fans, filters, quick-action battery exchanger, in-helmet cell phone, internet monitor, sustenance port and a few dozen feet of tubing  that controls the flow of positive-pressure air in through the filters and out the filtered exhaust vents.

It's all made of light-weight stuff and doesn't take a lot of material. It is easy to design and easy to mass produce



As soon as they come off the assembly lines give them away. Give

them away. Give them away. Give them away. You're not making them to make profit. You are making them so you can save yourself from getting killed by the virus, and to stop the spread of the virus, so you can get on with fixing the next problem you are facing and that is the soon-coming

eruption of the




The BugSuit only has to be used for a short period of time all over the world to beak the back of the covid-19... When the pandemic is spent, store them for the next time you need them. The faster you can get

them to the next trouble spot, the Much better for the entire planet. You beat the bug with technology and collective brain power which the bugs don't have...

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