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  When you first step into a Terminator, you spit into a special sink in the corner. An iris (like in    the eye opens. You know this is what the Terminator wants even before you ( with free will ) step through the hermetically-sealed door (of the SuperClean machine) so you have a good gob of it ready.
The Terminator then cuts this gob up into about a hundred smaller, watered-down globules that then go through a hundred different high-science tests and processes. The resulting numbers are crunched by super computers all over SpaceShipEarth that determine what bad bugs are present in your body all done automatically. The SuperGoop, shower and hair is processed in a similar fashion. 
You stick your head in a plexiglass bubble similar to what an astronaut wears, select what style of hair cut you want from a scroll down menu. Jets of air suck your hair straight out pin-cushion-like and a pair of computer-controlled robotic scissors does the buzz job. Ten seconds.   
Don't worry. The thing will be programmed to not chomp off your ears, and the barbers will become gainfully employed as Terminator Techs.
A robotic toenail fixer is included in the Terminator mix. Stick your feet in a "Black Box", lasers 3D map your feet. Sensors determine best way to kill all toenail fungus. If need be, tiny robotic grinders grind off your toenails painlessly and soak your toes momentarily in toenail fungus killer. Two  minutes it's all done while you watch with 3D head set. You step out of the Terminator fungus free. Your toenails grow back clean.  
If you are found to be carrying a bad bug  you know immediately. If you have to be quarantined for a while your family is taken care of with help from members of the CometForce (who will eventually be everywhere) and  via the Terminator's  GlassBox in the
SuperCore of the  SuperHub.
Protocol (1) of Alien's "PleaseDirectives"
Do not spit outside the Terminator because it spreads the BadBugs we want to kill.
The Terminator will also be the prime hygiene system on the DragonFly Asteroid Miners.
You better wise up pretty fucking soon , or soon there will be no more fucking... MindSnapNow (Do it!) Link as a free-will MindMember of the borderless MindForce on SpaceShipEarth that we call the CometForce with the mission to build the
to save HumanKind from the next-coming impactor from space.
Do it before the SuperBug comes..., after which it will be too late...
Alias, Alien
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