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 Watch Planet of the Humans  (by Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs) on YouTube, then click here. You may not be able to comprehend the rest of this CenterStage message without this conscience - expanding MegaMindMedicine for the collective Noodle Package (also called the "BrainBox")  on SpaceShipEarth...
      Squeeze the covid-19 Pandemic down to controllable size by following these protocols:
1     "Realize" that with your collective brain (the BrainBox)  you can win the war against the coronavirus or any other virus that has no brain. But, if you don't cooperate planet-wide, the brainless virus wins. Would be very much too bad for HumanKind...  Sadly, it happened to planet Eanite when the SuperBug came... (Tell you about that later.) 
2     Mass-produce Hand-Washing-Stations
               all over
3     Help all other people via the SuperHub.
4     Set up mass-production for testing equipment, distribute them out to the passengers of SpaceShipEarth, and test, test, test, constantly. With constant universal testing you will make the mindless invisible enemy visible. 
5      Keep this system we, (..) (us aliens) call the "SuperFix" in place and running forever because viruses are constantly being created by natural processes in nature (mostly from high-energy cosmic particles knocking bits of cellular DNA around).  
6      "Realize" (MindSnapNow)     The world has changed...  (in a MindSnap)
          Parallel Projects
                Has Begun
Thanks Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs.
Next movie: Planet of the SuperHumans...
Alias, Alien
First  PseudoHead
of the
United Global Space Force
  with the mission to build the
                   to save
             from the next-coming
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