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If you have just finished watching the movie Planet of the Humans by Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs then you now know that if you continue to do what you have been doing, your civilization is headed for a catastrophic collapse. With unfocused, collective  mind-state it is like you are all on a giant raft heading towards a giant waterfall. You are going to need to do some focusing pretty soon.
Energy is everything. You are presently being sustained by the energy in oil and that oil will be sucked dry in only a couple decades. No energy. Somebody has to tell you what is going on. And that Somebody is Michael Moor and Jeff Gibbs. They have showed you via movie magic in real time that you live on 
      Death Row
 But, there is hope. There is fusion power  and there is "MindSnap" that will let you get at this fusion power.  You will not be the first civilization to MindSnap your way to a higher existence. Many civilizations throughout the cosmos, in fact have MindSnapped themselves  to SuperWorlds status where you are going to have to be to solve the big problems that are coming at you just over the horizon (no energy, complete economic collapse, no transportation, no food, no electricity, no law, money is useless,  And, (you might as well know the worst) the Yellowstone SuperVolcano is going to erupt causing a ten year long volcanic winter..., and, (there's more) you won't believe this] ( It's bad ) there is a comet coming that will rock your planet like a giant bath tub...
So, all you have to do is be
            "Aware"" that you have to 
  MindSnap the CometForce (a planet-wide MindForce) to focus quantums into the SuperHub for SpaceShipEarth to launch the place into a space age SuperWorld 
avoiding the bader laws of physics coming in to play, specifically, the laws of thermodynamics. No food. You die. But you didn't do that. We saw it happen... we're futurists... came back through a worm hole... You MindSnaped, became a thousand times more powerful, with SuperTrains, SuperPlanes, SuperCities, GigaRockets and DragonFlys. The Parallel Projects has begun.
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