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                 Open Letter
                  Alias Alien
                                                        (We're friendly Alien.)

                   Joe Biden
President of the United States

        Greetings from the future...

The world has changed Mr. president. The covid pandemic has shaken the MindState of HumanKind out of its normal... local-space into more GlobalSpace with the help of  the SuperCom (the internet, media and orbiting communications satellites). The pandemic has paradoxically lifted the MindState of the entire world out of its previous, haphazard, unfocused MindState to a higher, more planet-aware  MindState, and more receptive to new directives...

The problems are global and the solutions have to be planet-wide. The entire planet is so inextricably interconnected across all borders that everything effects everything else. You can't isolate and "fix" just one little box on a planet with almost two hundred other interconnected boxes.

You have to think "SuperBox" -- the collection of all the boxes covering SpaceShipEarth. You need to MindSnap and you need to do it fast... There is not much time left before now and Yellowstone SuperVolvano eruption time... 

Boing Boing...
Pretend you have just been informed that a giant comet will soon crash into the planet to help get you into the frame of mind  needed to fully comprehend what I, Alien,  am going to say to you next in this public letter.

All strategy for advancing into the future must now be marinated in the reality that the entire planet is living on death row. Possible extinction for the human species is inevitable. Your scientists have warned you many times that the Yellowstone SuperVolvano is a bad puppy (a very bad puppy). It blows on average every 600,000 years and it is now 40,000 years past that average eruption time span.


When it blows it leaves few survivors after the short age of cannibalism during the decades-long, sun-blocked, no food, volcanic winter following the Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption. Ask the geologists who study this monster in Yellowstone's seventeen million year history written in the rocks. Failure to acknowledge this fact is suicide for the human species.

But, the other direction  is:  "absorb" this MindSmack... as a positive force and you are now a "DriverPart" (agent) of the birth of the SuperWorld... 

Gong For SpaceShipEarth

                    "boing boing"

You need the Parallel Projects  on
to mitigate the savage aftermath of the Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption.

There is no other way...!
You cannot stop this future event (the eruption) from happening but you can stop the global, cannibalistic nightmare that will happen after the eruption happens... Without the Parallel Projects, Mr. president, you continue to live blissfully on death row with no hope...

"It" (the Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption)
              will Happen!!!

   What can be done about it?
Answer:       Run the Parallel Projects for SpaceShipEarth    

You become a SuperWorld. Focused through the GlassBox for the Parallel Projects in the SuperCore of the SuperHub on SpaceShipEarth you are a hundred thousand times more powerful as a civilization growing up on a planet (of course, that is optimal), but if it was only twice as much (..) that is far better than previous 2021. SuperTrains, SuperCities for SpaceShipEarth and DragonFly asteroid miners (which can double as comet-snatchers when needed) will become HumanKind's most fantastic creations...

And Holy Jolly Jumpers. Before you knew it, it got done..., and just in the nick of time when the comet came... We took a peek out of the other end of our worm hole to look back in time (forward in your perspective) to see what happened when the comet came... (A near miss for SpaceShipEarth and a lot of cheering...) The DragonFlys had done their job... The global civilization  who collectively owned the DragonFlys via its GlassBox in the SuperCore of the SuperHub had evolved to become a space age SuperWorld..., and they all loved their collectively-owned SuperTrain SuperToy that made them all multi-zillionairs... and free as Falcons...

boing boing

David Baird
Alias, Alien

First PseudoHead of the United Global Space Force (the CometForce) with the mission to build the CometShield to save HumanKind from bad space rocks that are coming,,,
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