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Because the whole world has been



out of its "normal" individualized, randomized mind state into a collectively-experienced "same" mind state . (Am I going to die if I get this covid bug?)


That "sameness" mind state will manifest itself in a huge, planet-wide change in the global MindState for the better for HumanKind.

Hitler's evil shocked the world out of its 1930s depression into a higher technology state: radar, sonar, more advanced electronics, beginning of computers, rockets, atomic bombs.


The atomic bombs shocked the Japanese out of their fanatic belief that their emperor was some kind of God come down to Earth and became instantly... mind-expanded (Westernized... [Freedomized...]) with greater economic powers...

Russia's sputnik shocked the United States so much that their technology catapulted a quantum leap until they landed on the moon. That "giant leap for mankind" never would have happened without that giant kick in the ass from the Russians that MindSnaped the US  (the whole NoodleBunch) with  collective, ten-year-long SuperHuman powers.

Now you have this new mind-snaping shock that is absolutely global -- the covid-19 global pandemic that has terrified  every thinking person on the planet. How will this new mindsnaping event manifest itself into the future? (Forunately, it's not an Extinctor, aka  the long-feared SuperBug  which would be Very bad news... 


The MindSnaped super power  will show itself as a huge leap in global, sociological consciousness that will catch up with the huge leap in technological prowess that has already happened because of past mindsnaping events, which will result in a huge leap into a collective, SpaceAge SuperWorld with a free-will SuperHub.


 You want to know what the future will be like? It's going to be a SuperFuture. Read though the rest of this website starting with the

          Alien's Report.

Be prepared to have your already MindSnaped NoodlePackage be even more mindsnaped... which is good). The more mindsnaped you become collectively, the more 


you become collectively more free-will powerful... 

What silly people on a planet would not want a fantastic global SuperTrain system after they learn that all they really have to do to get a fantastic global SuperTrain system, is to like each other "better" and   

collectively want one?

 SuperJobs for hundreds of millions of people around the planet.

And then, Holy SuperGoop. You wouldn't believe it: You jump on the SuperThing and go anywhere you want (in shirt-sleeve comfort) all around SpaceShipEarth,

(More fun...)  and it helps to make you very very aware that you have this beautiful machine because the whole planet of people cooperated to build it through it's GlassBox in the SuperCore of the SuperHub... 

The money (quantums) the price of two coffees every GoUnit (about a week) from  2% of the thinking people on SpaceShipEarth repesented by this keyboard concoction: (..) just goes round and round forever in the





and cancels out in the big economic equation. (We'll talk about that later.) All it costs is time and time comes at you for free. It will cost trillions,  but you will all be debtless trillionaires (because you will all own the SuperTrain collectively which means you all own it individually and you allow everybody else to use it ). It was paid for debt free as it was built through its GlassBox in the SuperCore of the SuperHub which everybody on the planet owns collectively.


It never stops. It (aka, the SuperTube) opens the door to the world. In shirt-sleeve comfort go anywhere you want any time you want. You have to fix a few problems along the way...

No SuperTrain? Different world...

Forget about surviving the



Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption and long-lasting VolcanicWinter aftermath...

Too Bad...

"It was no need for them to hang their heads in collective shame," he said. "It's not their fault. They didn't have enough of what it takes... (They were just the rotten apple on the tree). They weren't advanced enough. They  hadn't climbed the ladder of progress high enough. They weren't MindLinked enough. They didn't like each other enough.  They didn't help each other enough. They weren't MindSnaped --  


Sad but true; not every civilization makes it... ("complete economic collapse, freezing cold, no electricity, no food, non stop street gunfire, jungle law. No law... Cannibalism. (It wasn't pretty...)")


And, after that..., (after the eruption of the Yellowstone SuperVolcano) (as if one Super Killer wasn't enough) the SuperBug… came! No Terminators to deal with them. Nothing left but bones...

But, that's not the future that our HumanKind went into.


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