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Dance of the SuperMind

You are connected to the SuperMind which is a subset of the GodMind (some people call it the SuperDuperMind). The growing SuperMind eminating from SpaceShipEarth is much bigger than it was in the middle ages and, because of the internet age, growing faster even as you read these words.


The SuperMind exists in dimensionless MindSpace.


Every point in the universe is the exact center of the universe and it is here that the SuperMind resides. It "lives" in a medium similar to the Higgs field... which is everywhere in MindSpace, and washes through every biological human brain.


One of the ways that the biological brain can "jiggle" with the SuperMind is to "MindDance" with the SuperMind. The SuperMind loves all types of music. As you MindDance with your favorite music playing you visualize in your minds flying over the planet wrapped in thousands of miles of sky-blue colored SuperTubing for the United Global Super Train to run through giving all the passengers of SpaceShipEarth thousands of times more freedom to move around than they ever had before...

It would be very very silly to not MindDance with the SuperMind. Check out the SuperHub to find out how the SuperTrain is paid for...

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