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                            Alien's MindSplash

From the future, Alien has sent you, the passengers of SpaceShipEarth, this

which will catapult HumanKind into a fantastically-exciting, space age SuperWorld with a whole bunch of new SuperToys to keep you entertained (SuperCars, SuperTrains, SuperCities, GigaRockets and DragonFly Asteroid Miners in orbit). We noticed that you have a bit of an issue that causes you (some of you) to not like each other. This is beyond silly. It is the source of "all" your problems. Expand your minds if you want these SuperToys. Think HumanKind. Think SuperEntity. Think
SuperRespect releases awesome MindPower. Do it (and watch it happen on the daily news). Like each other! The more you like each other (as a SuperGroup on SpaceShipEarth) the more powerful you become as a global civilization. Think of yourselves as a giant jig-saw puzzle, each person with magnetic-like North and South pole. The more North oriented, the faster you become SuperHuman with focused SuperHuman powers enough to build DragonFly asteroid miners in orbit, towering SuperCities all over the SpaceMap, and a fantastic, planet-wide,

                            that came to become HumanKind's most loved SuperToy

owned collectively and free to use by all the people of SpaceShipEarth, The completed SuperTrain System includes a million miles... of robotically-built, sky-blue colored SuperTrain tubing. Loops and loops and more loops linking all over the planet. The rocket-powered SuperTrains on air bearings only go one way round and round in their loops. When one SuperTrain loop crosses another, one loop goes over and the other loop goes under. When all completed you could travel from almost anywhere to almost anywhere in shirt sleeve comfort. Built weather impervious to survive the coming Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption. Built inside a pyramid-shaped, glassed-over support structure which is also a hydroponic garden that will feed the planet during the thirteen-year..., global non-stop volcanic winter caused by black smoke blasted out of the Yellowstone SuperVolcano that goes high up above the stratosphere and never gets rained out, blocking out the sun.
                                                                  No Food!

The clock is ticking good people of SpaceShipEarth. If you are not ready when the eruption happens it is global anarchy and cannibalism time... Skewered from bottom to top, the rich and then everybody else would have got their turn spinning on the barbeque pit... But, lucky for them, this MindSplash from the future came... and with SuperHub they saved the planet!

                      SuperHub @   
                                                               Happy MindSplash

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