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A giant SuperSmack for your mind.
It's painless; just jiggles your noodle package imperceptibly... at the subatomic level...

If getting SuperSmacked is not on your to-do list, this would be a good place to change channels... No problem. We hope to see you back here later to get your injection of MindSnap...

                it's not pretty but you have to know.

A Comet is Coming...

Holy SuperGoop

The truth is known.
You have 29 years before it gets here...
This practice exercise is for those who want to survive the next-
coming comet (whatever time it gets here) by building the CometShield which includes DragonFly comet-catchers (asteroid miners when there are no comets around that need to be caught and pushed off its collision course with planet Earth).

The comet
is coming. You are presently living on death row!!!!!!

WAKE UP... Realize you are in grave danger. You need to change your direction into the future. 

need to become


There is no other way... There is very little time to waste before the comet gets here...
You will have to
MindBlast is MindFusion at a global level... to SuperWorlds status...  Parallel Projects for SpaceShipEarth 
is what you get by adopting 
SuperRespect ideology. It is a turbocharger for the rapid advancement of a civilization to where the SuperToys are  SuperTrain, SuperCities, SuperSchool, SuperMed, etc., and DragonFly Comet Catchers...

boing boing

(boing boing is audio for this visual: 
 (..)  called the Cyclapse which is 2% of the thinking people (SuperThinkers) on SpaceShipEarth focused laser-like at the GlassBox for the ParallelProjects that makes the ParallelProjects happen.  2% of SuperHumans committed to 2 quantums sent to the GlassBox for the ParallelProjects every GoUnit (about a week) is millions of quantums. A quantum is about the price of a cup of coffee. Nothing to each agent, but it means millions from all the agents of the Cyclapse. You can hire a lot of engineers to get started on the three projects of the ParallelProjects -- the SuperTrain, the SuperCity, and the DragonFly asteroid miner.
Your SuperWorld has bequn
Get your
which is a giant mind-expander
a super website with many connected SuperComputers owned and used (collectively) by all the people of

What is the SuperHub?

Imagine a big barrel hovering in space one mile wide and ten miles deep. 
All around on the inside of the barrel are virtual (exists in cyberspace) window-like computer screens, billions of them in neat rows and columns each with unique address. A to Z all around. One billion per mile. Each window/computer screen is called a SuperLink and everybody on the planet has a free SuperLink in the SuperHub whether you use it or not (most people on other planets liked to use it, not just because the SuperHub made their civilization a thousand times more productive powerful, but because it is fun being with the SuperGroup in the SuperHub on SpaceShipEarth) helping to steer the Titanic away from a comet-collision future...
The SuperLink comes with many attributes. 
The scroll attribute:
With your mouse (or joystick) you can scroll up and down and all around and "see" all the people on the planet all in one place (inside the SuperHub). The "VirtualSpace" in the SuperHub  (31.416 cubic miles)  is called "SuperSpace" or "SuperVoid", useful for flying around in with your virtual rocket packs strapped to your back and meeting new and old friends also flying around in the SuperVoid. (or you could fly the white swan if you are not flooding full of testosterone. You can't crash. it's all virtual. Ghost-like. you just pass right through each other. Each SuperLink has a digital address. You send and receive text messages and phone calls from any of the other SuperLinks owners (all 7 billion people).

The QuantumChamber attribute
Your SuperLink has a bank account called a QuantumChamber (the contents of which only you know). You can send money out of the QuantumChamber or receive money from any of the other SuperLinks as well as from outside banks in the real world. Mostly you want to use your QuantumChamber to finance the MegaProjects listed in the SuperCore of the SuperHub. 

People in the SuperHub are called "SuperHumans" when they get their SuperLinks in the SuperHub. (More truthfully, they were SuperHuman even before they got their SuperLink in the SuperHub otherwize they would not have been able to get there.

There is one more structure to the SuperHub and that is the


The SuperCore looks like a segmented glass tube (each 50 feet wide/100 feet tall) that goes down axil-like in the center of the barrel. Each segment is a Mega Project virtual control center. The top MegaProject is called the Z-Box. Here is the first twenty of the MegaProjects listed in the SuperCore of the SuperHub:

ParallelProjects (which are the following 3)

DragonFly Asteroid Miners

SuperCham  (standardized global recycling)
United Global Space Force  (also called the CometForce)
See SuperHub link in this website for details about the SuperHub


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