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     You want to become a space-faring civilization. Very good idea. Just a matter of thinking bigger as you know. Not that difficult when you are in
like they have done elsewhere throughout the cosmos... Relative to the size of the universe your little planet (SpaceShipEarth) is just a speck of cosmic dust and there is nothing preventing you from
on this little speck of cosmic dust to become the
that you are going to have to be to prevent a collapse into cannibalistic chaos after the Yellowstone SuperVolcano erupts blacking out the sun for decades… Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the good news:
the Yellowstone SuperVolcano is the "only" thing that will save you from it… 

     Eliminate the  universal fear of being run over by a car and you instantly turn all the roads of the world into blood and guts, crushed bones and exploded brain matter messing up the undersides of the cars. Being afraid of getting run over by a car is a good fear to have. In fact, without it you would already be extinct. And you will be extinct if you don't soon learn to FEAR the Yellowstone SuperVolcano…
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     Linked in CyberSpace and MindSpace (which is quite amazing that you have accomplished so much already) you need this little, big fix – the SuperFix
                     Parallel Projects
the booster shot to get you over the final hurtle… And then (actually, at the same time):

                       The fun stuff:
     First you SuperPrint a giant "SuperBall" in orbit that will become your (HumanKind’s) SuperWorkShop for the construction of DragonFly Asteroid Miners in Earth orbit. (You build them in pairs and send them out to the asteroid belt in pairs.)
     The SuperBall, in perpetual Earth orbit, would have to be big enough to house a bunch of giant aircraft carriers with room all around on the inside to store parts and tools. (Everything is weightless in space so you can make anything as big as you need.) Arriving GigaRockets and smaller supply rockets from SpaceShipEarth below float through a giant door and are unloaded by robotic arms that scurry around all over the place on the inside of the SuperBall. The online CAD (computer-aided-design) in cyberspace looks as good as the real thing in real space. Easily "seen" by the global mind - the SuperMind - which is a powerful force for its construction... via its focus point (GlassBox) in the SuperCore of the SuperHub
     The whole structure designed to create asteroid miners is more like a womb. But, you can call it whatever you want – the SuperBall, the SuperWomb, the SuperThing in orbit that you can see from the ground (with a pair of binoculars) or, what we often say: the CatHouse – the Super CatHouse. (Cats like DragonFlys.)

     The more people there are that are part-owners of rocket-launching operations on SpaceShipEarth the more rockets get launched, the faster we get our CatHouse built and the faster we get to the asteroid belt to munch on a planet-sized smorgasbord and eventually turn much of it into a billion more DragonFly and very comfortable space-living conditions throughout the solar system. You will be more than a space-faring civilization – you will be a super, space-faring civilization – a MindLinked SuperWorld with a
       Equally-owned by everybody on the planet
                              It will be fun.
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