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             The awesome power of SuperGreed

    The economic engine of SpaceShipEarth is so inextricably-interconnected together across all borders that it is virtually one economic "SuperUnit" surrounding the planet where everything affects everything else.) 



     You have evolved out of your past to this point in your history where you can now produce basic stuff that people want. Over time, advancements in your science has led to computerized robotic assembly lines which is very good, but the SuperUnit needs to be adjusted or massive, world-wide unemployment  and unfair distribution of money will bring down your existence... (which, of course nobody wants,  certainly not the 1% who would be the targets of revenge-enraged mobs with pitch forks.) We've seen it happen before on other planets...

     You need SuperGreed. SuperGreed is collective greed. It is a thousand times more powerful than individual greed. The easiest way to begin to fix your economics problem is to get "MindSnaped" with "SuperGreed"(which is just a matter of running your mind through the website and knowing what it is all about), then "MindFocus" (with millions of other people all over SpaceShipEarth) into the GlassBox to run the Parallel Projects. In a very short period of time three groups of engineers will "magically" appear (out of the GlassBox) to work the three legs of the Parallel Projects -- the DragonFly project, the SuperCity project, and the SuperTrain Project. The mining industry will get revved up planet-wide, and from there, everything else gets built.

     Another adjustment needed in the SuperUnit has to take place in the collective mind of HumanKind (all minds that spend money are connected to the SuperUnit). Think bigger on the subject of money. Money can never run out as long as it is being spent. It just goes round and round in the Economic Engine -- the SuperUnit -- of SpaceShipEarth. It is like oil molecules in an automobile engine. It has to go round and round. If it doesn't go round and round the engine will destroy itself... Remember the Roman Empire that collapsed because the super rich had sucked so much money up to themselves that there was nothing left for the 99%. All society collapsed (including the super rich) into a thousand years of chaos your history books call the Dark Ages..






     Every little "spot" in the fuselage of our spaceship is a SuperCity big as your New York city. Our spaceships would not exist without robotics and  collective    SuperGreed...

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