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We landed on this planet called (sounded like "ChamPact" in their language) where the civilization had a fantastic, global, standardized  SuperCham recycling system that was collectively owned by all the people on the planet. By SuperDecree it was decreed that all the people on the planet owned all the garbage on the planet for free. And so the smart people abolished the word "garbage" (replaced it with the word "SuperCham") and set up this fantastic sorting system, and all the money (billions of money units they called quantums) from the sale of all the raw materials (aluminum, iron, copper, glass, etc.)  flowing back to industry went automatically into the SuperTrain project listed as a mega project in the SuperCore of the SuperHub on their planet (planet ChamPact). The SuperTrain was collectively owned by all the people of the planet by another SuperDecree and so the SuperTrash was turned into SuperTrains...
Fantastic good.
So what did the recycling system look like?
Imagine a continuous rubber conveyor belt circling around a small town -- up and down and all around, over roads and under power lines. Looks like circular squiggles from space. People call it the SuperSnake (because it snakes around all over the place round and round) but officially it is called the SuperBelt. This conveyor belt is a super well built conveyor belt. A plexiglass canopy is built over top of it. Sunshine light by day and electric lights by night. Winterized and built modular to last forever. The collected, unsorted SuperCham is dumped into a big hopper with shaker. The Shaker shakes the SuperCham out of the hoppers in a controlled stream onto the running conveyor belt (curved downward, bowl-shaped to hold stuff. Genius methods at various places around the SuperBelt are used to sort out the SuperCham.
Here we have to pause to explain something: it is agreed that the people are not very good sorters so it is better to design the SuperCham system to do the sorting and it's much faster. The people just bag their SuperCham into clear plastic bags that are standardized and continuously recycled.
At different places around the perimeter of the SuperBelt are water, shredder, shaker, hammer and air chambers that begin the initial sorting. The getting-sorted stuff falls through gratings to land on other, smaller, continuous conveyor belts to further be sorted by many other methods. In the end the sorted (aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, glass, wood, compost etc.) compacted stuff is sold back to industry and the profits after all the bills are paid go to the SuperTrain project to continuously speed up its development. Because everybody owns the SuperTrain you don't need to buy tickets. You just jump on and go (if you are lucky enough to live on planet ChamPact). On planet ChamPact the people build one DragonFly asteroid miner every year with the materials that lesser-developed, small-thinking civilizations throw into smelly landfills.
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