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The CometForce is a "MindForce". If you are a member of the CometForce (more formally, the United Global Space Force), and your neighbor is also a MindMember of the CometForce then you are mindLinked on that issue. It can be one-on-one or with the whole planet. Because the force is invisible it is borderless. There is nothing stopping it from enveloping the planet, and who would want to stop the plan to save Humankind from an impactor-caused extinction anyway? (Remember the dinosaurs...) Think of the CometForce as an invisible Higgs-like, energetic  "SuperField" that surrounds the planet. It is already there. You just have to tap into this energy field to benefit from its awesome power. The single-minded mission of the CometForce is to build a "CometShield" to save humanKind from bad space rocks... Millions of minds all MindLinked on this mission is awesome creative power.
The CometForce is like a cult (but out in the open, not hidden in the shadows) with no central authority, just a mission. You are given the title: SuperAgent. You don't have to sign anything, register anywhere, ask permission, pay any money, or even tell anybody that you have made the decision to join the CometForce to become instantly MindLinked with all the rest of the SuperAgents  (members of the CometForce) all around SpaceShipEarth with the same mission.
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