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Needed to push the parts for the DragonFly into orbit, the GigaRocket is not just a big rocket, it is the  sea-floating infrastructures where they are built, launched and retrieved. Too big to be affected by any ocean storm, most of the complex is under water. The GigaRocket is not a weapon. It is just a transport vehicle/system and, by decree, the GigaRocket is the property of the  global collective (all the people on SpaceShipEarth) and is the reason the GigaRocket system will become inordinately huge as time goes on because when focused, all the people on the planet are inordinately powerful. One person can't build a big bridge, but millions of people can, and billions of people can build even bigger bridges. GigaRockets and DragonFlys are the bridge to the asteroid belt where there is a huge smorgasbord of materials waiting to be turned into infrastructure for an expanding, space-faring civilization... 

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