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The mission to build the CometShield to save HumanKind from the next impactor from space


 e Aliens want to build Star-Trek-like SpaceShips in Earth orbit that we call the DragonFly Asteroid Miner. We plan to re-arrange the atoms in the asteroid belt into a billion DragonFly. It might take a thousand years to build the first million of them, but that doesn't matter. What matters is: We have now started the first one. No unemployment on a world big-minded enough to be building DragonFlys. We are going to need a giant box of SpaceX rockets (and lots of others) to blast all the parts, printers, construction robots and SuperHumans into orbit.

Where do the zillions come from to get it into reality land? Note that the SuperScratch is not shot out into space. It never leaves the planet and just continues to go round and round in the economic world which miraculously speeds up to accommodate for it, just like it did during the Apollo era... (Money factors out of the big economic equation.) 

We launched the Parallel Projects: (1) the project to build DragonFlys in Earth orbit, and (2) the Yellowstone Survival Project to build the infrastructure on SpaceShipEarth needed for all of HumanKind to survive the Yellowstone SuperVolcano eruption. (It is 40,000 YEARS "PAST" ITS AVERAGE 600,000 YEAR ERUPTION TIME SPAN.) (a million bombs going off...) Black clouds blocking the sun for decades. [NO FOOD] It has happened many times in the last seventeen million years... Ask the geologists who study this monster. Wake up HumanKind if you want to continue waking up... (or remain blissfully on death row). It's a coming MegaHorror and will require a far-thinking, time-aware, global, cooperating civilization of trenchant, MindSnaped SuperHumans to beat it.


Standardized, cone-shaped, mile-high, robotically-built, volcano-proof SuperCities (thousands of them) all connected with a grand grid of volcano-proof SuperTubing inside of which the looping rocket-powered SuperTrains swish about on air bearings.

We list the ParallelProjects in the SuperCore of the SuperHub. (Read FutureWorld SuperNovel, Revenge for the BotMaster to get (planet-saving) SuperHub story...) [free ebook at] Entangled forever, the quantums going through the GlassBox for the Parallel Projects is divided equally between the  three projects: The DragonFly, The SuperTrain and SuperCity projects. 

It will take rocket-powered, titanic forces to build the CometShield that will save the planet from the next coming space impactor (which is already on its way), and it will take titanic forces to build a Yellowstone proof SuperWorld to save existence from an otherwise inevitable collapse into cannibalistic chaos...

"Delusional" is a word you will probably hear as a result of these paragraphs, likely coming from those far-thinking... folks busy building the next iteration of the already ubiquitous, ballistic, city-destroying, MegaKiller nukes. Where we come from the definition of insanity is believing you are safer building more nukes to radiate more people on a planet with a SuperVolcano poised to turn all of civilization into non-radiated dog-vomit-like left-overs... soon...! You don't have much time left. 40,000 years gone already... Think SuperHuman or you die.

Alias, Alien (First PseudoHead of the  United Global Space Force with the mission to  build the CometShield to save HumanKind from the next impactor from space...

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