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Coming MarsHornets

… a daily science show broadcast…


From The Bridge Of The First SuperHornet

SpaceShipEarth’s virtual first.


    (People will just call it the Bridge). A SuperHornet, of course, is a walking, helicopter-supplied factory (looks a bit like a renovated aircraft carrier with eight, giant, mega-engineered, spiderlike robotic legs with  Tesla-sized toes). The SuperHornet extrudes SuperTubing and support structure for the SuperTrain (and hydroponic gardens with aviary at the top and animal shelter at the bottom of the pyramid-shaped, glassed-over support structure). Yellowstone SuperVolcano-proof.
     The Bridge’s podium becomes one of many focus points for the greater SuperWorld that includes SuperHornets (MarsHornets) on Mars. The MarsHornet’s top deck (on Mars) will be festooned with many electronic eyes that will scan, record and flood the SuperBits back to billions of 3D headsets so everybody can “see” Mars as if they were standing on the deck of a MarsHornet “on” Mars (to look all around inside… and outside the MarsHornet). Colonize the place with MarsHornets. Much more interesting footage to send back to the MotherShip (SpaceShipEarth) to keep the people from falling asleep like they did not long after the first footprints came back from the moon. Build them in Earth orbit complete with eight spiderlike robotic legs strapped with rocket clusters. Blast them to Mars with a hundred people at a time. The SuperHiking begins (and is it ever some fantastic…). The MarsHornets grow their needed food in hydroponic pods, and make their own rocket fuel so the crew can hop in or out of a crater (to scoop out some ice or take a peek at something, whatever) or over a mountain range. Only one third g. After we drop enough MarsHornets on the planet (a couple dozen or so, to start) we can all get together for a MarsHornet dance. It will be fun. Later, after we get the place all checked out, we can organize some MarsHornet racing events… (Entertainment for the SuperWorld.)
     There is probably half a billion… people in WebSpace who would love to “see” Mars in the aforementioned manner and would be willing to contribute to a stream of quantums (a quantum is the price of a cup of coffee per GoUnit which is about a week) together with five-hundred million other people around the planet to magnify (concentrate) their collective financial powers (laser-beam-like - $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...). to build MarsHornets for Mars. Here’s the package: We give 49% ownership of our rocket-building operation to the passengers of SpaceShipEarth in return for a GlassBox that the people create to build and land MarsHornets on Mars, listed in the SuperCore of the SuperHub with easy web links so the people can “watch” the progress of their “will-power-driven” MarsHornet project -- MarsHornet GigaProject. Much safer (no-teetering, which is good) Mars landings. The collective swagger of a billion new, rocket-building SuperHumans will likely result in more rockets getting built exponentially which means more employment, more paychecks, more money, more profits, more dividends, more GWP, more quantums, more DragonFly, more SuperCities, more SuperTrains, more MarsHornets, and more fun which will result in more SuperHumans to help populate the universe in, maybe, a zillion years or so.

     Pretty good deal, don't you think? For only a few quantums you get to "see" Mars...
     The bigger the MarsBug the more the passengers of SpaceShipEarth will want to exercise their new GlassBox enabled,  Mars “MindMuscle”.   Beginning  the engineering of the GigaRocket… and its offshore launch complexes.

Alias, Alien,

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