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Donkey is my nickname, Doodling is what I was doing before Stormy Daniels spanked me with my pants down. Donkey Doodles. I like the alliteration. It has got a nice ring to it. Of course this is all just for fun, right. I'm just  trying to show the voters how creative I am when I come up with these clever names, but I can tell you this: I regret the day I named Nervous Nancy. There is nothing nervous about that powerhouse which I learned the hard way at the impeachment proceedings.

Getting impeached is the same as getting fired a-hundred-and-one-thousand times (probably more than that) because everybody on the planet "knows..." (and the reasons why). And once you have been voted to be impeached you can't be un impeached... 

It's in the history

(It was generally agreed that the senate trial  that was watched by half the planet would have been more useful if the voting senators had spent their time there clipping their toenails with the hope that one day they would be able to barter with bags of toenail clippings.) 

"Nancy impeached him," the people will be whispering to each other as I pass by any crowd of people in the future...

Now, in front of the whole world, she has labeled me as morbidly obese implying I have no self-control at the pig troth, and (as if that wasn't insulting enough) she has indignantly metaph0red me as a hoax in a mirror with my pants down. Hope  I don't have a nervous breakdown.  I'm thinking seriously about calling Nancy in, getting down on my hands and knees, offer my bum for a well-deserved spanking and beg for her forgiveness. 

(A must see video:)

History Now

This has been a learning exercise for both the good guys and the bad guys. 

The Ying and the Yang of it all is that for every Ying there will be a Yang and vice versa. This is a somewhat "fuzzy" law of the universe but not unlike the exact opposite law that powers rockets: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  

If you snot at people (the ying), they will snot you back with a yang.



 If all the people on the planet would begin to like each other... using the power of the internet...  (SuperRespect)  it would be very very good because it would speed up the economic engine of SpaceShipEarth, spin up the endless cycling of money and (thanks to Bill Gates's 20 billion injection of generosity...)  pretty soon everybody will have their very own laptop computer linked to the electronic SuperSchool that will feed thirsty minds at an exponential rate... accelerating the progress of the SuperWorld

Alias, Alien

Alien's Report

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