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From Alien to Joe Biden, president of the United States

You probably heard about the multiverse idea from your physics friends that says there are as many hidden universes in other dimensions with as many different histories as there are numbers between zero and the end of infinity... Anything and everything that can happen will happen in one universe or another. If the multiverse is real then the following history will play out in one of them.

The president of the United States gets behind the podium and delivers a game-changer SuperSpeech.

"Because of the advancements in science and engineering that have been made over the past 500 years, the human race is now, potentially, a hundred-thousand times more powerful than it was at any time in the past. If you think this is a colossal exaggeration it may be sobering to be reminded that a single cell phone has more computing power than all the computers that were used to put man on the moon, and the office of the president of the United States has the power to destroy the whole planet before this day is over. We have thousands of nuclear-armed ballistic missiles ready to fire on my command and there are other players around the globe who have similar powers. But we don't want to destroy the world. We want to use our powers to build greater than ever before. To take advantage of this awesome, unused power we have to think bigger as a SuperGroup on this planet. If you think it is impossible for the whole planet to think as OneGroup then it may be helpful to believe that our astronomers have discovered a five-mile-in-diameter comet speeding towards us at sixty-nine thousand miles an hour. It carries the destructive energy of millions of atomic bombs and will make all of earth's nuclear arsenal look like a happy handful of holiday fire crackers. It will strike northern China two years and two months from now. There is no hope. China will be destroyed. Everyone in this room and 99% of the rest of humanity will be dead (baked alive) soon after this coming comet impact."

"Everything I have just said is true except for the time of impact... We know the comet is coming like they have come many times in the past. We just don't know when. We have to wise up, good people of SpaceShipEarth or we continue to live blissfully on death row until it happens. It will take a planet of SuperHumans with SuperHuman powers to build the infrastructure needed to defend ourselves against this coming doomsday space rock. I propose that the whole world unite to build DragonFly asteroid miners in earth orbit. DragonFlys are huge but the problem is huge. Hopefully, the comet won't get here for a thousand years which gives us time to crunch up the asteroids and build a giant fleet of more asteroid miners that we can use when the time comes to push away the bad guys when they get flung out of the Ort Cloud in our direction. In the process we turn ourselves into a truly space age SuperWorld.

How will trillion dollar DragonFlys get paid for?

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